Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Eye Surgery Today, Not Tomorrow

David's surgery was rescheduled for 3:30 this afternoon because a spot opened in the operating room. We are staying many hours at the hospital; therefore, I will update you when we return to the hotel room. Sorry that we will be out of touch for a while. Please pray very hard for our little David. I must say Dr. Gordon's nurse has been wonderful in her attempts to try to calm me down but good luck to her... Will be in touch soon.



  1. Heather and Brent,
    Wew ill continue to pray continualy for both of your little ones and especially for David as he has this surgery. He is a little tough cookie and I am sure will come out just fine. YOu guys just take time to breathe and rest assured that God will see him thru. I know it is easier said than done. You are parents and a parents job is to protect their children and keep them safe and well. That is exactly what you are doing. Keep you faith We all love you guys very much! Sending love, prayers and blessings your way,
    The Lorenzo's

  2. Praying that God guides the surgeons hands through David's surgery! And for you and Brent to continue to be strong for your babies!

  3. New Orleans is so close to us, let me know if you need anything!!
    All my love and prayers, Mary

  4. Hoping, believing, and praying that David's eye surgery is a great success and that he stays super strong throughout the procedure. You too, Mom and Dad - stay strong and, like someone else commented...breathe!


  5. I am praying hard today for David. At the least, the transfer will make for some interesting blogging...right? Oh, check your mailbox soon...I finally sent something your way! :) Love you,

  6. Prayers for your little David - and heartful hugs to you and Brent.
    The McElroy's