Sunday, October 31, 2010

Wild (last) Wednesday!!! WOAH!

Right, so I lost track of time...again...

Last Wednesday was a HUGE and VERY BUSY day for us!! Brent and I had arterial ultrasounds done in the morning. They were done on his work property as a wellness promotion for employees and families at a very low cost. We thought, "what the heck, we'll give it a go" and signed up. We "passed" with flying colors and were just thrilled with the news that we are living sans signs of heart disease so far!!

Since we were out his way, Brent showed us his other home - the golf course - which of course looked beautiful to me! I haven't been out there in over 2 years as it's a little under an hour from our house to get there (yes, Brent commutes, daily). It was the babies' first time EVER!

After our tests, Brent took us around the course for a bit. Mary Louise sat in his lap to help "drive" and David snuggled into mine - he was so tired from waking up very early. Brent went slowly, but with the wind through her fine little hairs, Mary Louise said "woooooooah" every time he really got going - so so funny and cute! They ran around the club house and we left before they could unfold the entire table of golf shirts and dismantle the kitchen!

It was a really good visit which was followed up by a tiny bit of playtime at home and an afternoon wellness checkup at the pediatrician's office. The babies are 19th months old now (oh. my. gosh.) and we have maintained their checkup schedule at about a month off as that is how it was started in the NICU way back when.

The checkup went really well. Mary Louise is ALMOST on the bottom line of the growth chart for height and weight!! She is 18 pounds and 29 inches tall. (I think - may have to correct this later). Her sweet noggin is in the 25th percentile for circumference (sorry Mary Louise, your, uhem, sizable think tank would be a gift from dear old mom.)

David is a little bit bellow his growth chart - apparently a different standard is used for boys and girls. He is 17 pounds and 29 3/4 inches - taller than his "big" sis!

Though they both continue on below the curve, they are still following their own line very well and show appropriate growth and gain over time. Therefore, there is no reason for concern - they are simply petite for the time being.

The doctor was very pleased with their development over the past 3 months and agreed to wait 6 MONTHS before seeing us back!!!!! He was thrilled with their walking (which is nothing short of running now). As far as talking, he saw no need for concern at this time - but expects for them to take off with their words during the next 6 months. I will of course continue to watch for progress.

Just this weekend, Mary Louise and David began playing peek a boo without any props (using their hand rather than a blanket, etc. to cover their faces). When they withdraw their hand, Mary Louise says, "there she is!!" with a HUGE grin - well, I know that's what she's trying to say anyhow. She gets the "there" out and gets a little stuck on the "s" sound of she. Anyhow, this is a step in the right direction. Both she and David have begun to actually bring me books to read to them. David is interested for the first page or so, then wanders off to play - but stays pretty quiet and seems to listen. Mary Louise, many times, will sit in my lap and follow along for at least half of the book.

We are starting to teach some basic signs as well - but that seems to be a pretty slow process too. We'll see...I feel like they are making slow progress with expressive speech - but are finally moving in the right direction with it - so I'll take that for now and continue to work hard with them.

They are both wildly curious about how things work, and how things are put together. It is so very difficult for me to even type a posting as I am constantly having to delete their typing from mine (they can reach the edge of the keyboard. They unplug the lap top regularly (the battery cord from the actual lap top - not the outlet). I check electrical outlets in our play areas daily as if there is one uncovered from vacuuming or something else, they will find it immediately.

In short, they are busy. They never. stop. moving. (I hear this from ANYONE) who comes to visit. I like to think they are just processing the world around them. I'll never match their endless supply of intense energy - but I can embrace it and make their environment as conducive to their personalities as possible!

So, we are doing really well and have just had a really wonderful weekend!! More about that later!


Monday, October 25, 2010

It's Potty Time!

...and yet another "I never will" declaration bites the dust...I'll explain. Prior to having teeny tiny babies, I declared, over and over, that I would NOT NOT NOT have those cute little potties that sit next to big, well, not so cute potties just beckoning little guys to pop a squat and do their (uhem) deeds. Why? I've changed enough bed pans and bed side commodes to last 10 lifetimes - and plan on getting back to that kind of dumping eventually, I certainly didn't want to add numbers to that list by emptying kiddie potties!

Alas, when one has 27 inch toddlers, one must adapt. Mary Louise and David aren't quite ready to scale 2 steps, sit on a booster seat, and patiently use the "grown up" toilet. So, I conceded to introduce the froggie potties we picked up at Target the other day.

We looked at all available, the ones that congratulated the kiddo once business was done, the ones that played music, the ones with prince and princess crowns attached to them, the ones with toilet paper holders sticking out the side (ok really?! as if there's a baby on earth that hasn't at some point unraveled any and every roll of toilet paper remotely in reach in the epitome of glee until their parents walked in, gasped, and found a new place for the roll)...finally we decided that basic was better and got ones that just sit and look cute - rather than those that try to make friends with you before enthusiastically congratulating you for taking a crap in them - pardon the language.

What prompted the purchase? Mary Louise has had a dry diaper for the past 4 nights. Also, I have routinely balanced the babies on the big toilet each morning now for awhile as they are relatively predictable that time of day - and it saves me some mess to cut out that diaper change. So, I thought I could start to introduce the idea in hopes of working toward and occasional use. Don't worry, I'm not so unrealistic that I'd expect them to potty train prior to even talking!

The introduction has gone pretty well. Mary Louise sits on the potties like it's some sort of game. David is a little afraid of them - but will sit a second or 2 if I hold his hand through the ordeal. They are set up in the play room so as to look like a toy - and so they are nearby at all times.

I'm pretty excited to move forward with it all (famous last words right?) and see how and if the babies catch on to the idea.

I'll let you know how it goes...


Saturday, October 23, 2010

Our little Mountain Climbers...

Brent and I sleep in a queen size sleigh bed with a heavy Tempeurpedic style pillow top mattress.

Guess where this story is going...

I was upstairs with the babies. I have once again resumed my mission to get David reinstated on Brent's employer paid insurance policy...OF COURSE this is MUCH easier said than done - but that is another story...

Brent got home from work as I was researching some of the new federal health care laws on the lap top. He plopped down on the bed. The babies were playing on the floor in our room and running back and forth to the playroom which is directly across the hall. Brent pulled each of them up on the bed for a few minutes to give them hugs and tell them hello. When they started squirming too much (they seriously never stop moving), he gently lowered each back down to the floor. I crawled in bed too - put my head on his chest, and we chatted for a bit, exhausted from another wild week.

I felt something at my feet...looked down. David sat there smiling a coy little smile and sitting almost Indian style at the foot of the bed. It was almost as if he'd been there all along...until it occurred to me, I didn't put him there...and I was lying on Brent so I KNEW HE didn't put him there...our bed is 3 FEET off the ground!!!! David is just under 28 inches tall!!!! Oh. My. GOSH.!!!

I've said for awhile now that these babies can climb. But in truth, I really didn't realize they would be capable of THIS! We put him back down on the floor to see if he would do it again...

He got angry at first - all of his hard work just wiped away in one swoop. Once he calmed down a bit though, he just grabbed onto the fitted sheet just above the elastic (those tiny hands dug the sheet out from between the mattress and box spring - ha!) and pulled himself all the way up!! He looked like he was climbing a rock wall!...and was SO proud of himself when he was done.

Amazing...and yes, our hands are INDEED full as, in addition, Mary Louise's latest trick is to climb on her scoot toys, stand on the seats, and "dance" while balancing. They have also, just this week, both climbed onto the seats of our dining room chairs using the bottom rungs to give them a leg up. They scale the stairs with glee every evening - all by themselves. Well, they scale ANY stairs with glee - all by themselves...they spot those things a mile away and make bee lines toward them!

I have officially signed up for another duathlon (another short one) and my very first half's a good thing I'm getting into this running business...I'll definitely need the added stamina to chase after these two!!


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Family photos

Our last photo session is available to view...

1. Go to:

2. Click "Client Login"

3. Click on Mary Louise and David's photo - it is titled "Mary Louise and David"

4. The password is "LeBlanc"


We are all on the mend after quite the bout of colds! Mary Louise has a little dry cough and I have some pretty rough pesky remnants, but we're getting better every day!


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dear Dad...

3 years?! It's really hard to believe. So so much has changed...

I had tests run to see how my body has recovered from having triplets. That's right Dad. I HAD TRIPLETS!!!! I know. Wild. I was such a wreck both physically and mentally after the dust settled, so to speak, that I am just now following up on my own medical needs.

As it turns out, I'm doing just fine. My cholesterol looks amazing, my kidneys have recovered beautifully, my liver is normal as ever, I'm not even anemic anymore!! Even more amazing is that without stretch marks, the only evidence I wear of having triplets is the scar from the section and the daily reminder I get in the form of a very low dose of blood pressure medication.

I know you've likely met our darling Kuylen - and know you must be keeping one another company. I have to giggle about you and Mommon getting snarky with one another...Tootle is still kickin' - I'm sure much to your chagrin and is enjoying the yard and the beautiful weather at our old / new house as much as we are here in downtown.

I miss you Dad. I know in some ways you'll always be with me, but I can't help but continue to wait for a phone call that will never come. One telling me of your recent flight from Singapore or your trip to England which included a short but wonderful visit with family there. I miss calling you at work for no reason at all - and having you answer and get excited about the nothings I have to say. I miss your cooking - but more than that I miss your proud look of pleasant surprise when we gobbled up your entire meal. I miss your pat on the back when I did something great, the smile when I would just show up for a visit. I miss the perplexed look you'd get when I did something you didn't understand (probably the look I got most often)...

We're all still trying to make you proud Dad, and I have to believe you would be. We are all doing our best to do good things with everything you taught and gave to us.

You always said, no matter the circumstance, "it will be alright". It is, Dad, even though we all miss you more than we could ever express, think of you more times in a day than we could count, it's ok, because you told us it would be.

Love you,

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

So it has happened...

*Rachael, I got your email - thanks so much and I'll respond shortly!!*

I'm sick. I feel horrible! Brent had "it" last week - stuffy nose, aches, cough. It lasted a few days and he got better with lots of rest. Then Mary Louise...I was in a panic! She got a clear runny nose, dry cough, fever- mostly very low grade, 2 episodes of nausea. David started a bit on Sunday evening. He has a cough, a little runny nose...his has been milder than the rest of us so far.

I'm so very worried that the congestion will reach their little lungs! UGH! The pediatric stethoscope has been used more in the past few days than I used it in school! They sound good so far and I'm giving them all of the fresh breast milk I can muster which definitely gave a noticeable boost yesterday! (YAY)

So, just barely shy of their 19 MONTH BIRTHDAY!!!!!!, they have gotten their first cold. I could have gone a lifetime without this, but all things considered, I think we've done pretty well - and they are fairing the respiratory blow MUCH better than either or Brent or I so that (to me) says quite a bit about their immune systems!


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Out with the Old, In with the NEW!!

We officially signed the closing papers for the sale of our (old) house yesterday!!! We've had more glitches, and continuances of contract that I care to recall - but it is officially NOT ours anymore!!! That's big news for us as we've been waiting for that sale to be official to do some big projects around here!

We're excited - and I think that deserves it's own post.


Monday, October 11, 2010

Wild and Crazy Weekend!

*I put a few pics in the past few posts if you have time to take a look back...*

Let's see, what a weekend we had! So very busy - packed FULL of family time (YAY!) and baby snuggles (woo hoo!) and a few "very firsts" for my sweet and oh so active Mary Louise and David.

We decided to take a trip to the zoo!! Now, the zoo is one of my favorite places. I've always loved it. Brent has taken me to more zoos in more cities than I can recall off the top of my head. We've been "that couple" more times than I can count- the ones without kids - the ones that stick out like a sore thumb amidst the school buses, mom jeans, and dirty yet rosey cheeks and grins. To say that I was excited to FINALLY bring Mary Louise and David to the zoo is SUCH an understatement. We really had a great time...

On our way home, we stopped by the very end of a very close friend's birthday party. It was perfect timing really - the last 20 minutes of the party so the children there were much more interested in Zoe's gifts and the fun jump than the babies. We stayed inside and chatted while the kids played outside...though we did catch the last few minutes of the mini ponies and brought Mary Louise and David over for a quick peek. Mary Louise, true to her sweet personality, was pretty apprehensive the about whole thing while David actually sat proudly on the tiny saddle and grabbed the horn! The owners were very sweet - a family whose daughter and son in law has just found that they were expecting twin girls.

The party favors were build a bear type gifts and of course they saved some for Mary Louise and David...

On Sunday, we went to church - Brent is the head of a small cooking group and it was their Sunday to cook breakfast. It went well, the babies did reasonably well for the service - unlike last Sunday when halfway through, we finally called it quits and left because they were just so very rambunctious! We went home, and enjoyed a quick visit from our dear friend Shane who was passing through on his way back to Texas, and enjoyed our afternoon together.

The week has been EVEN BUSIER than the weekend! The babies are so incredibly active now that I have trouble using my pumping time as blogging time as they are in constant motion and need of something. (Hence the fact that this blog entry actually began on Sunday!) Couple that with my running mind current lack of focus and it doesn't exactly make for easy writing.

Anyhow, it's done now...and I got the upstairs bathroom functioning and organized yesterday during Abbey play day!


Sunday, October 10, 2010

David Walking

So he's been doing this for awhile - a few weeks or so - and the video is a bit topsy turvy - but I thought it was high time for a David walking vid just the same!


Thursday, October 7, 2010

GREAT Morning!

The babies look so so amazingly cute this morning! They each have their very first "toddler" jammies on - Mary Louise has a pink nighty with flutter sleeves and tulips and David has trucks all over his pants and shirt set. Ugh! I feel like they are just growing up so fast - even though we've had quite a bit of borrowed time to be with them... I'm glad I've written many things down because my goodness, life's been a blur over the past 18 months!

It's gotten quite a bit cooler here so we fill our afternoons with playtime on the patio. The babies have been "helping" me do some gardening and potting and have absolutely LOVED playing in their tents on the grass. (we have 2 little pop up tents set up outside).

BOTH of the babies took naps today!!! The quiet time lasted about 45 minutes - amazing and unheard of in this house! I got a chance to rest for a few minutes and have a really good pumping session - uninterrupted by pulled out tubing or fighting over a toy.

After they woke, we started getting ready for Mary Louise and David's hearing tests this afternoon. I got to organize all of their clothes and playroom yesterday while Abbey played with them so getting ready took about 30 minutes less than usual and was MUCH less frantic (plus and plus.).

They did SO WELL at their hearing checkups! Each passed their tests with flying colors and the doctor was so surprised that they'd never had an ear infection and didn't have tubes. They did so well that he cleared them for an entire year!! The doctor also double checked for fluid in their middle ears and didn't note any via testing or visual check so that was wonderful as well.

So at the ripe old age of 18 months, both Mary Louise and David are doing so well that they are on a minimum of 1 year rotations with all of their specialists! We are just ecstatic!

Another first for them today as Brent and I took them to one of the parks down the road from our house. It was their first time to really get out of the stroller and play on the park equipment. Though they were a bit tired, it went really well and they both seemed to enjoy the slides, swings and just running around in general. There were of course other children there, but they were very respectful of our space and Mary Louise and David just loved watching the "big kids" play. Park trips will definitely be on our agenda more frequently long as Brent or another set of adult hands is around to help me coral the little monkeys!

I must say, I'm going to bed smiling this evening - and it really feels good. Healthy babies = one happy momma.


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Makin' Banana Pancakes

So, the babies and I made banana pancakes this morning! I remember doing this with my mom when I was little...I always got to sift. I LOVED sifting!

Mary Louise got a little bowl and a wisk and pretended to stir the batter - while David just beat on things with his wisk (he made breakfast music for us while we cooked). I used whole wheat flour, a little bit of vanilla, a pinch of cinnamon, some turbinado, and fresh mashed bananas - no syrup needed for these guys!

They each had a few bites of the warm yummies - I'm just excited that they BOTH (uhem - Mary Louise the picky) tried them! At any rate, we had fun making them.

My gracious thanks to Mom for giving me such wonderful kitchen memories and telling me over and over and over how easy it is to make things a little healthier rather than relying on the quicker, the saltier, the overly processed, the boxed - and for allowing us (with a smile no less) to repeatedly destroy her kitchen!


ooo-oooh that smell! take 2?!

So it happened AGAIN this morning!! Ha - it would seem that their little hineys are still size 1-2 but their stinker messes are size 3 to 4?

I am also very proud to announce that they are in 12 month clothing!!! I have been trying pieces here and there and they have fit reasonably well, but during the last week, they seem to have made the real jump to MOSTLY 12 month clothing! I put them in 12 month "footie" PJ's from Children's Place this morning and they fit perfectly! I bought their winter things for THIS year when the Children's Place did their clearance LAST year at the end of the season. I remember getting the items in thinking I might have made a mistake...the babies were about 7 pounds at the time, it was really hard for me to imagine them fitting in these ENORMOUS clothes. In truth, the pants are the right length for both of them, but David's are a bit big in the waist...but most are wearable with a onesie underneath. It's just wild to think of how far they've come, how much they've grown...

Yesterday I did a little gardening and Mary Louise was right behind me with her spade trying to digs holes for the plants "just like Mommy"! David walked down the drive to Tootle because he wanted to pet her on the nose. They are so independent, and we couldn't be prouder.

I still remember the promise I made to David before his intestinal surgery - if he would poop on his own, and breathe on his own, I would smile and be so proud forever...boy, he sure took the former to heart!

We are just so very lucky...


Monday, October 4, 2010

ooo-oooh that smell!

I typically crawl (literally) into bed with the babies while Brent gets ready for work (ha - if I'm not in bed with them already to attempt to keep them from late night partying!). I close the door to their little room so that if they both wake very early, they can play safely and I can rest just a little while before starting our day. I try to consistently start at around 7am regardless of their personal agendas (lately, they have been up at 6 - boo).

Oh my, this morning...

The smell hit me first, then a few slaps on my forehead, giggling...I can usually sleep through the climbing, fussing, playing (I can actually sleep through a train plowing through), but smells, now that wakes me every time...and this one, HOLY MOLY!
So I opened my eyes...very slowly...taking in a full frontal view of David's diapered crotch just inches from my nose...boy was that diaper working hard. I jumped up, grabbing him on my way and headed straight for the bathroom. As I was rushing - Mary Louise tugging at my legs and wondering what in the world I was so worked up about - I took in the -uhem- entire situation...poop up his back, oozing out of the front, sides, and really anywhere possible. I can't blame Pampers, I'm pretty sure this toxic waste would have eaten away a Super Glue seal.

I sort of carefully took the diaper off. Mary Louise was all too interested (ugh - for some reason, both love to grab at diapers post changing - let me know if you have a theory on that one...). So I ran down the hall to make the Diaper Genie deposit. DIAPER GENIE FULL! Are you kidding me?! It wasn't just full, the bag was stuffed down in there - I mean unusable full. I was dangling David - dirty rear out - making a mental note to check the stinker pit more frequently (it's upstairs - we use it mostly in the evenings during baths, etc - and Brent usually does the baths, etc. if you get my drift...point being, it's not front and center like it was at the old house and I admittedly don't have a good system here yet so it just got missed)- Mary Louise still hot on my heals. I grabbed the toilet paper as I didn't have wipes handy (and could have used a whole box on this debacle), cleaned David enough to put him in the tub and turned to Mary Louise. She had, in the time I was cleaning David, unrolled the rest of the toilet paper, lifted the lid to the toilet (another mental note: install those darn toilet locks), gone fishin' for a minute or 2 and was standing on one foot with the other hiked up on the bathtub edge whining that she wanted to get in too. What could I do, but laugh hysterically? I put her in the tub to play as well and did my best to clean up, and get a few bits of warm clothing together as the temperature dropped about 20 degrees during the night and we were all a bit chilly...

The result? Garbage, poopy clothes by the banister, babies in onesies, sweat shirts, and Baby Legs (equivalent of leg warmers)- I couldn't find any pants! (yet another mental note: organize the next size of clothing (12 month size!!!!!) for babies when Ms. Abbey comes on Wednesday).

I then hauled babies and the rest of it downstairs and got a little breakfast together...what a morning!