Saturday, October 23, 2010

Our little Mountain Climbers...

Brent and I sleep in a queen size sleigh bed with a heavy Tempeurpedic style pillow top mattress.

Guess where this story is going...

I was upstairs with the babies. I have once again resumed my mission to get David reinstated on Brent's employer paid insurance policy...OF COURSE this is MUCH easier said than done - but that is another story...

Brent got home from work as I was researching some of the new federal health care laws on the lap top. He plopped down on the bed. The babies were playing on the floor in our room and running back and forth to the playroom which is directly across the hall. Brent pulled each of them up on the bed for a few minutes to give them hugs and tell them hello. When they started squirming too much (they seriously never stop moving), he gently lowered each back down to the floor. I crawled in bed too - put my head on his chest, and we chatted for a bit, exhausted from another wild week.

I felt something at my feet...looked down. David sat there smiling a coy little smile and sitting almost Indian style at the foot of the bed. It was almost as if he'd been there all along...until it occurred to me, I didn't put him there...and I was lying on Brent so I KNEW HE didn't put him there...our bed is 3 FEET off the ground!!!! David is just under 28 inches tall!!!! Oh. My. GOSH.!!!

I've said for awhile now that these babies can climb. But in truth, I really didn't realize they would be capable of THIS! We put him back down on the floor to see if he would do it again...

He got angry at first - all of his hard work just wiped away in one swoop. Once he calmed down a bit though, he just grabbed onto the fitted sheet just above the elastic (those tiny hands dug the sheet out from between the mattress and box spring - ha!) and pulled himself all the way up!! He looked like he was climbing a rock wall!...and was SO proud of himself when he was done.

Amazing...and yes, our hands are INDEED full as, in addition, Mary Louise's latest trick is to climb on her scoot toys, stand on the seats, and "dance" while balancing. They have also, just this week, both climbed onto the seats of our dining room chairs using the bottom rungs to give them a leg up. They scale the stairs with glee every evening - all by themselves. Well, they scale ANY stairs with glee - all by themselves...they spot those things a mile away and make bee lines toward them!

I have officially signed up for another duathlon (another short one) and my very first half's a good thing I'm getting into this running business...I'll definitely need the added stamina to chase after these two!!



  1. Great story! Congratulations on Mary Louise and David's gymnastic ability. The special infant parallel bars play equipment must have worked! Yes, now it's time for Brent and Heather to seriously get back into gymnastics/fitness as well, just to keep up with the fun! Yay!!!xxxooo

  2. OMG! I knew that Mary Louise has incredible flexability and that they can both scoot up the stairs with lightening speed, but all of these new tricks at once!