Monday, October 4, 2010

ooo-oooh that smell!

I typically crawl (literally) into bed with the babies while Brent gets ready for work (ha - if I'm not in bed with them already to attempt to keep them from late night partying!). I close the door to their little room so that if they both wake very early, they can play safely and I can rest just a little while before starting our day. I try to consistently start at around 7am regardless of their personal agendas (lately, they have been up at 6 - boo).

Oh my, this morning...

The smell hit me first, then a few slaps on my forehead, giggling...I can usually sleep through the climbing, fussing, playing (I can actually sleep through a train plowing through), but smells, now that wakes me every time...and this one, HOLY MOLY!
So I opened my eyes...very slowly...taking in a full frontal view of David's diapered crotch just inches from my nose...boy was that diaper working hard. I jumped up, grabbing him on my way and headed straight for the bathroom. As I was rushing - Mary Louise tugging at my legs and wondering what in the world I was so worked up about - I took in the -uhem- entire situation...poop up his back, oozing out of the front, sides, and really anywhere possible. I can't blame Pampers, I'm pretty sure this toxic waste would have eaten away a Super Glue seal.

I sort of carefully took the diaper off. Mary Louise was all too interested (ugh - for some reason, both love to grab at diapers post changing - let me know if you have a theory on that one...). So I ran down the hall to make the Diaper Genie deposit. DIAPER GENIE FULL! Are you kidding me?! It wasn't just full, the bag was stuffed down in there - I mean unusable full. I was dangling David - dirty rear out - making a mental note to check the stinker pit more frequently (it's upstairs - we use it mostly in the evenings during baths, etc - and Brent usually does the baths, etc. if you get my drift...point being, it's not front and center like it was at the old house and I admittedly don't have a good system here yet so it just got missed)- Mary Louise still hot on my heals. I grabbed the toilet paper as I didn't have wipes handy (and could have used a whole box on this debacle), cleaned David enough to put him in the tub and turned to Mary Louise. She had, in the time I was cleaning David, unrolled the rest of the toilet paper, lifted the lid to the toilet (another mental note: install those darn toilet locks), gone fishin' for a minute or 2 and was standing on one foot with the other hiked up on the bathtub edge whining that she wanted to get in too. What could I do, but laugh hysterically? I put her in the tub to play as well and did my best to clean up, and get a few bits of warm clothing together as the temperature dropped about 20 degrees during the night and we were all a bit chilly...

The result? Garbage, poopy clothes by the banister, babies in onesies, sweat shirts, and Baby Legs (equivalent of leg warmers)- I couldn't find any pants! (yet another mental note: organize the next size of clothing (12 month size!!!!!) for babies when Ms. Abbey comes on Wednesday).

I then hauled babies and the rest of it downstairs and got a little breakfast together...what a morning!



  1. Sounds like a real adventure. I know the feeling. My daughter is 17 months and wants to follow me around and gets into everything. (I'm thankful I can lock my kitchen door, otherwise her favorite hangout is the fruit and veggie basket.)

  2. The start of a pooper dooper day! ha!xxxooo