Sunday, October 31, 2010

Wild (last) Wednesday!!! WOAH!

Right, so I lost track of time...again...

Last Wednesday was a HUGE and VERY BUSY day for us!! Brent and I had arterial ultrasounds done in the morning. They were done on his work property as a wellness promotion for employees and families at a very low cost. We thought, "what the heck, we'll give it a go" and signed up. We "passed" with flying colors and were just thrilled with the news that we are living sans signs of heart disease so far!!

Since we were out his way, Brent showed us his other home - the golf course - which of course looked beautiful to me! I haven't been out there in over 2 years as it's a little under an hour from our house to get there (yes, Brent commutes, daily). It was the babies' first time EVER!

After our tests, Brent took us around the course for a bit. Mary Louise sat in his lap to help "drive" and David snuggled into mine - he was so tired from waking up very early. Brent went slowly, but with the wind through her fine little hairs, Mary Louise said "woooooooah" every time he really got going - so so funny and cute! They ran around the club house and we left before they could unfold the entire table of golf shirts and dismantle the kitchen!

It was a really good visit which was followed up by a tiny bit of playtime at home and an afternoon wellness checkup at the pediatrician's office. The babies are 19th months old now (oh. my. gosh.) and we have maintained their checkup schedule at about a month off as that is how it was started in the NICU way back when.

The checkup went really well. Mary Louise is ALMOST on the bottom line of the growth chart for height and weight!! She is 18 pounds and 29 inches tall. (I think - may have to correct this later). Her sweet noggin is in the 25th percentile for circumference (sorry Mary Louise, your, uhem, sizable think tank would be a gift from dear old mom.)

David is a little bit bellow his growth chart - apparently a different standard is used for boys and girls. He is 17 pounds and 29 3/4 inches - taller than his "big" sis!

Though they both continue on below the curve, they are still following their own line very well and show appropriate growth and gain over time. Therefore, there is no reason for concern - they are simply petite for the time being.

The doctor was very pleased with their development over the past 3 months and agreed to wait 6 MONTHS before seeing us back!!!!! He was thrilled with their walking (which is nothing short of running now). As far as talking, he saw no need for concern at this time - but expects for them to take off with their words during the next 6 months. I will of course continue to watch for progress.

Just this weekend, Mary Louise and David began playing peek a boo without any props (using their hand rather than a blanket, etc. to cover their faces). When they withdraw their hand, Mary Louise says, "there she is!!" with a HUGE grin - well, I know that's what she's trying to say anyhow. She gets the "there" out and gets a little stuck on the "s" sound of she. Anyhow, this is a step in the right direction. Both she and David have begun to actually bring me books to read to them. David is interested for the first page or so, then wanders off to play - but stays pretty quiet and seems to listen. Mary Louise, many times, will sit in my lap and follow along for at least half of the book.

We are starting to teach some basic signs as well - but that seems to be a pretty slow process too. We'll see...I feel like they are making slow progress with expressive speech - but are finally moving in the right direction with it - so I'll take that for now and continue to work hard with them.

They are both wildly curious about how things work, and how things are put together. It is so very difficult for me to even type a posting as I am constantly having to delete their typing from mine (they can reach the edge of the keyboard. They unplug the lap top regularly (the battery cord from the actual lap top - not the outlet). I check electrical outlets in our play areas daily as if there is one uncovered from vacuuming or something else, they will find it immediately.

In short, they are busy. They never. stop. moving. (I hear this from ANYONE) who comes to visit. I like to think they are just processing the world around them. I'll never match their endless supply of intense energy - but I can embrace it and make their environment as conducive to their personalities as possible!

So, we are doing really well and have just had a really wonderful weekend!! More about that later!


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  1. Yes! Mary Louise and David are both in a huge hurry to learn everything in the world they can as fast as they can in every waking moment! So watch out world--they are on the move--running and studying everywhere in all directions, laughing joyfully all the way!xxxooo