Monday, October 25, 2010

It's Potty Time!

...and yet another "I never will" declaration bites the dust...I'll explain. Prior to having teeny tiny babies, I declared, over and over, that I would NOT NOT NOT have those cute little potties that sit next to big, well, not so cute potties just beckoning little guys to pop a squat and do their (uhem) deeds. Why? I've changed enough bed pans and bed side commodes to last 10 lifetimes - and plan on getting back to that kind of dumping eventually, I certainly didn't want to add numbers to that list by emptying kiddie potties!

Alas, when one has 27 inch toddlers, one must adapt. Mary Louise and David aren't quite ready to scale 2 steps, sit on a booster seat, and patiently use the "grown up" toilet. So, I conceded to introduce the froggie potties we picked up at Target the other day.

We looked at all available, the ones that congratulated the kiddo once business was done, the ones that played music, the ones with prince and princess crowns attached to them, the ones with toilet paper holders sticking out the side (ok really?! as if there's a baby on earth that hasn't at some point unraveled any and every roll of toilet paper remotely in reach in the epitome of glee until their parents walked in, gasped, and found a new place for the roll)...finally we decided that basic was better and got ones that just sit and look cute - rather than those that try to make friends with you before enthusiastically congratulating you for taking a crap in them - pardon the language.

What prompted the purchase? Mary Louise has had a dry diaper for the past 4 nights. Also, I have routinely balanced the babies on the big toilet each morning now for awhile as they are relatively predictable that time of day - and it saves me some mess to cut out that diaper change. So, I thought I could start to introduce the idea in hopes of working toward and occasional use. Don't worry, I'm not so unrealistic that I'd expect them to potty train prior to even talking!

The introduction has gone pretty well. Mary Louise sits on the potties like it's some sort of game. David is a little afraid of them - but will sit a second or 2 if I hold his hand through the ordeal. They are set up in the play room so as to look like a toy - and so they are nearby at all times.

I'm pretty excited to move forward with it all (famous last words right?) and see how and if the babies catch on to the idea.

I'll let you know how it goes...


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  1. I know! just wait until they use them for #2... Mine likes to poop on the potty randomly... but we don't make it very often for #1. Odd. I'm not going to push until we are 2 years old adjusted.