Friday, September 28, 2012

End of the week of Fridays photos

We've had a good week...a great week. Mary Louise is rockin' it with potty training and David is finally showing some interest in the area. We made it to the library, did therapies, lunch one day with Daddy and  Mary Louise had a GREAT ballet class. We even went to a highschool homecoming parade! Some of my favorite moments:

Mary Louise's first ballet bun!

We used a few beautiful weather days as an excuse to get back to the park! (The big kids walked the whole way there and back holding on to either side of the stroller - the distance is about a half mile!)

Everett was a little excited about the stroller ride:

Swings and dirty feet - always a win!

Big boy went down ALL of the slides ALL by himself!!

and they both climbed like pros to the top and beyond:

Everett tried out his walker for the first time - and in less than 2 days learned to moved forward, backward, and turn completely around! No problems with throw rugs or navigating corners! He can also take a few steps while holding onto fingers...and is just under 6 months old. I know...way too fast!

He grabs toys and brings them to his mouth:

We had dress up time...everyday:

(the fuzzy slippers totally make this outfit right?)

Hot. Mess.

Everett's new smile:

New socks:

and snuggles!

Yep. A good week.


Monday, September 24, 2012

Spontaneous Utterances

I remember so clearly when we thought Mary Louise and David might be a little behind in expressive speech. We were constantly asked about "spontaneous utterance of sounds", and "how many words to they have"? We can relax and laugh about things like that now. These kids never stop talking. I asked Mary Louise to be quiet for a minute the other day while driving. She stopped, said, "ok Momma." Then proceeded to whisper from her car set - barely stopping to take a breath. These 2 never cease to amaze (and surprise) me with all they come up with and remember:

Mary Louise: pretending to talk on the phone this morning:
"Hello? yes. I want some new dwesses pwease. Oh? Da stores are on my yist? (looking at a blank tablet in her hand) Oh and Da-bid need ta go to da docca not da hop-i-tal? Ok. Sank you. Bye bye."

She has a fascination with school and her "pack pack" that Mere and Pops gave her. I told he we would go to the library's story time this morning. She was so excited! She compared it immediately to going to school and insisted I pack her "pack pack" with a "sam-ich" and juice box. I promised we would be home for lunch and she eventually allowed that to suffice...but still wanted her juice box (she got a sippie).

Just now, Mary Louise and David walked up to me (I am nursing E) with big grins. They each held out their little fists and said, "my caught a fish Mommy!" then added, "you want to kiss it?"

ML: it's ok Mommy. My fish is not dirty.
D: Mine is dirty!! hahaha! kiss it Mommy!

Dirty or not, both figurative fishies got kisses. It's impossible for me to say no to a boy with a Batman costume, sparkle head band and fuzzy moose slippers on; or a sweet girl wearing a Sleeping beauty costume complete with pink bunny slippers. (many MANY thanks to my cousin Carrie for sending Connor's outgrown costumes to us! and to Mere and Pops for the super rad bunny and moose slippers!)

We made it to story time at a local library. It was, as always, a job to get out of the house, decide who will sit where (ugh! the darn "side seat" argument must be had every. single. time we get in the car!!), strap everyone in and go go go!

But, we did, and we got there on time!

We looked around for a few minutes. I was really excited about the new adventure as were Mary Louise and David (they've seen the library a few times on PBS shows and we talked lots about our pending trip last night and this morning.) David was already antsy and no amount of diverting or showing of DVD's or books would hold his attention. We even tried the computer stations set up around the children's area. He did ok with those...until it was time for story time to begin.

David was clearly not ready to settle into a book. He walked over to another little boy, stood there and announced, "HI!" and asked the boy some questions. Boy made no effort to respond (though bigger in size, I'm pretty sure the new "friend" was younger than David). So David, undeterred with his personal introduction, tried waving instead. I can't say I wasn't proud. It was wonderful to see David's socializing efforts.

The story time lady was a little less amused. She and her assistant were in a tizzy as the author that was supposed to be there had an abscessed tooth and was at the dentist instead? (nothing puts a damper on preschool story time quite like hearing an overly descriptive recall of a stressful morning complete with an abscess...eww.) Apparently, she wanted an orderly and quiet story reading time. The third time she made the kids repeat the rules, we just got up and left. (oh the rules were that the kids had to sit up straight, cross legged style, and quiet.)

We'll go back to the library for sure. (Mary Louise and David had a grand time choosing books and a DVD before leaving and overall, enjoyed the trip.) I'm just not sure we're ready for (serious) story time.

The library was followed by a quick trip to the store then stop at the post office. Obviously, I was pushing the limits by including a THIRD (gasp!) errand - but really needed to send a return off today. We had "the talk" before entering...I should have saved that energy for what was to come...which was the most spectacular LeBlanc kid post office show ever to have been performed in 10 minutes flat.

They rattled the posts on the guard ropes while in line, flipped the trash can lid back and forth so much that another lady in line asked that they please stop as the lid was making a squeaking sound that apparently irritated her. Then, when it was my turn, David found a loose piece of formica on the counter front. Said loose piece made a thunder like sound when he pushed it...enter ecstatic David. The kid loves sound (and music for that matter). I thought it was fine as I just wanted to get my parcel returned asap but the man behind the counter didn't appreciate my focus (to be honest, until he leaned over and yelled at David - I'm not kidding - I didn't really even notice the racket).

David and Mary Louise took off. Running around laughing hysterically. Too bad one of them had snagged my keys at some point only to leave them on a very low surface at random. I addressed the package and sort of threw it at the stunned post woman waiting for me. It was then that I noticed other workers standing there watching as they were curious what all the commotion was up front.

I asked the kids where my keys were and they laughed harder. I found them with a little effort and tried to corral my crew. Mary Louise and David weren't to be caught. I've played that game all too often - I just quietly started walking toward the door (ha - walk of shame - though really, I was happy. They may have been disruptive, but such a trip without a tantrum is a win in my book!) They followed - giggling all the way - all eyes on us. They put their little hands in mine knowing we were to soon cross a parking lot "with HUGE cars that will smush little Mary Louise and David's if they are not holding a grown up hand" and the LeBlanc family (sans Brent) exit-ed the building.


After regressing completely back to diapers, Mary Louise suddenly showed interest in learning all things potty again!! She has had a number of accidents but is still willing to try. She seems to really be on board this time so we're encouraging all we can. As frustrating as accidents are, I can't help but smile at her honesty in telling me - and how she lets me know:

"Mommy? my had a yittle accident. I'm sor-dee. Das ok baby. It's wee-lee ok. My go to da potty now Mommy. You get some new pin-cess panties for me now peese?"


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Just a snap shot

Mary Louise and David have been playing hard all day. After a little tiff in which David shoved Mary Louise (again) while "pretending to eat" her (I'm not sure what that's all about but whatever works...), Mary Louise walked up to David:

ML: (fake wailing and throwing her arms around David) oh Dabid! My wuv you! You till my best fwen Dabid? Oh my wuv you so much! My weed to you a yittle book on da couch Dabid? C'mon.

(exit the room with their arms around each other...only to have David shove once more, laugh hysterically, make growling noises and exclaim, "my eating you Myweese!!")

Mary Louise just saw my profile picture on Facebook. It's one of me, Everett and Brent taken during our last family photo shoot. She said, "oh! Das Baby Everett? Yeah. My in da car when you taking dat. My was a yittle bit fussy den."

She's right - she was actually in the car a few feet away from us during the picture. It was done quickly at the end of the shoot when ML and D were getting "a yittle bit fussy". We were strapping them in and the photographer asked us to just step a few feet back to snap a pic before we put Everett in the car. Mary Louise really surprises me with all she remembers...

She talks all the time about visiting me and Everett in the hospital, drinking my cranberry juice while there, and watching "yittle tiny baby Everett" in the NICU. She worries about going back to the hospital and remembers clearly having to stay there with pneumonia a year ago. She knows David went to a hospital and came home with "bo-bo's" and asks very often if they are healing ok. Just now, she set up her Leap Frog game as a "peter" (computer), her pink pull phone and a plastic cup from her tea set, told me it was her office and said she had to find a doctor. She put her play stethoscope on and listened to my chest, then got on the "phone" to talk about what she heard. She has started asking pretty often for things that I wouldn't normally let her have unattended. If I say no, she asks if she can just pretend to have them - then goes off happily to play, dreaming of more independent days I'm sure. I'm also pretty sure she's well prepared to schedule appointments and argue with insurance companies about bogus bills (but sincerely hope that will never be necessary).

We danced yesterday afternoon - for over an hour:

I'm pretty sure there's a good bit of raw talent there...but obviously I'm a tad biased.

David had therapy with his teacher / coordinator yesterday morning. She's wonderful and most importantly David loves her. He even asks every few days if she is coming back to play with him. It took a few sessions for us to find our groove with her, but we have and she has been incredibly patient and helpful to me during our transition to the school system's therapy program.

David typically does really well with her - and yesterday was no exception. However, at the end of the session, Mary Louise and I entered the room to get the summary of her visit, and found David finishing up his exercise. He was getting a little frustrated and suddenly yelled, "I can't do it!!" and my heart broke just a little...

I have, to date, made tons of mistakes, worried a thousand worries over little miss steps, big snafus and future errors. But I am very careful and do my very best to make sure these babies know they can do absolutely anything they want to - anything they put their powerful minds to - anything at all. "I can't" is just not said here. (of course I realize he's learned the phrase and the meaning from just makes me sad - that's all.)

His teacher and I both encouraged him through the end - she looked as surprised as I was and said it was the first time she'd ever heard anything like that from him.

Accordingly, during breaks in our afternoon dance and jam session:

we did floor stretches. Before each stretch, the "big kids" put their arms in the air, jumped and yelled (as loud as they could), "I can do anything!!"

Sounds cheesy? Absolutely. But they laughed, stretched, danced, giggled, snuggled and smiled the "I can'ts" away. (and that is totally worth the cheese). Mary Louise mastered the art of a floor roll while David worked hard to not only roll over, but get it straight. He got down in the dumps once - only to have to repeat the self affirmation 3 times over before trying again - because he can, in fact, do anything.

(P.S. my dear David - whenever you want to say, "I can't" again - take a look-see around you: Our family is, in fact, just shy of a medical impossibility...all of us...even your daddy who was a preemie way back in the day when bovine surfactant had just hit the NICU market!)

More later...

Monday, September 17, 2012

Story Time

and a few more Davidisms:
Bat-member - remember
peel-coup - telescope (which is a one up on Mary Louise who consistently calls a telescope a map...)

Happy Monday!


Friday, September 14, 2012

Supa He-Woes!

We were in crunch time yesterday - that hour or so when it's too early for bath time / bed time but the kids are tired and wired at the same time...some people call it the witching hour...we just hang on tight and ready for the coming chaos...

and sometimes we play super heros:

amazing what a British tea towel and a couple of clothes pins can do right?

We were well protected:


Go get 'em!

(of course every super hero needs nourishment - stopping for tea!)

They woke this morning begging to "wear ma supa tow-dulls for bwek-fist!"


Monday, September 10, 2012

Bat-nanas, teething and David-isms

This evening I was letting the dogs out one last time and winding things down for our bedtime routine. Mary Louise and David were finishing their various snacks and evening meal. David ran up to me crying, "my bat-nana!! my bat-nana gone!! Mine want my bat-nana!"

Where was the banana you ask? in here:

Awesome right? makes total sense. I groaned and took the whiskey bottle outside and began to shake it upside down. Out came: 2 ink pens, some dirt, some crumbs of various crackers, a piece of the cork David long ago pushed in the bottle out of curiosity. I'd thought he'd given up on fooling with the thing...apparently not - he's just become a bit stealthier.

Brent got home and did a bit of a hose gavage on the jug and got the banana out. Said jug is now living outside...

David loves to start words with the "bat" sound. Accordingly, some common "David-isms" include (but are not limited to:
bat-mato = tomato
bat-mango = mango
bat- nooga= granola

then there are the non-"bat" terms:
giga boon bah = Tiger milk bar
bus-tell = Nutella
bed and buh = bread and butter
gogut and oh-nee = yogurt and honey

and because I mentioned earlier that Everett is teething, I thought I'd post some examples of his new(est) signature look:

"Hell-oooh ladies"

all tongue and drool...all the time:

and lest we no forget the receding hairline / feaux hawk:

the super goober. he is.

We've had some great outside time the past 2 days. Enjoying this weather:

We are turning over our veggies in the garden once more and exploring floral seeds. Mary Louise and David are loving comparing the seed shapes and sizes, planting depths and soil scratching. More gardening tomorrow - beautiful weather willing!


Settling in and Sizing up:

David was 38 inches tall before his surgery! We have a 3+ foot kid!! He lost 2 pounds (making him just over 22 pounds now) throughout the surgical ordeal though so his knee joints are showing like no body's business. His eating has picked up a little and generally, he's doing well - but one morning without eating and an afternoon of post op sickness means a loss for the week...I know...don't we all wish we had such metabolisms?

Everett went to the doctor this week for a Synagis evaluation...which I was less than thrilled about...he was 15 pounds 15 ounces. He was 14 pounds 5 ounces and I think 28 inches just barely 2 weeks earlier at his 4 month check up...yep- he eats. The evaluation was really just me talking to the doctor...and could have been done over the phone...but that would have meant no visit fees...and the way it was presented when the nurse called was that the doctor actually felt we SHOULD come in for an "evaluation". I questioned it as I had trouble with the insurance company covering the shots for Mary Louise and David...and now they wanted an evaluation for a reasonably healthy 35 week gestation child?? So, actually, Everett was simply flagged by the computer system as a preemie. Synagis is technically considered from 35 weeks and lower in gestational age...but rarely paid for for a "preemie" with Everett's history. (and P.S. with Everett's size now, he would already need 2 injections AND they would cost just under $900 per month).

After chatting a bit, we (the doctor and I) decided to send in the request for Synagis as last season was "extremely severe" according to their office records. I am fully expecting a denial letter any day, but will accept the injection should they be covered. I know we will not be quite as sheltered this year with various lessons and activities the "big kids" are enrolled in so any protection we can get is better than nothing. Having said that, I have to be honest and say that the thought of RSV invading this house makes me cringe. Mary Louise has yet to really handle a simple viral cold without bordering on pneumonia. Nothing (involving sickness) is simple here and RSV can be the beast of all snotty beasts. All I can do is hope, pray and clean - and avoid unnecessary sicky hot spots LIKE THE PEDI OFFICE! (if you get my drift).

I left without allowing an exam for Everett. He was checked less than a month ago for his 4 month physical and the doctor had just walked out of a room with a 28 day baby who was admitted to the hospital with a 103 fever from a suspected virus that's been circulating this area. My heart aches for her parents who just wanted to show her off a bit by bringing her to church and to run errands and let people hold and snuggle with her...The doctor actually looked relieved when I declined Everett's exam - she told me she'd rather not touch him at all unless I had some concerns.

I might not get along with some of her office policies, but her medical practice, advice, empathy and fierce protection of her patients' best interests are qualities I truly appreciate.
Some of my "most importants":
From family at home august 2012

From family at home august 2012

From family at home august 2012

From family at home august 2012

Totally worth posting:

"big swappies" from Daddy;

and this is what happens when I tell them to get dressed and choose outfits:

and sometimes this happens when I tell them to go to their quiet spots for "a little rest":


and this is how we eat dinner when we don't have electricity:

Everett is still teething and currently drools through about 3 bibs a day. He sucks his hands, sometimes chews on his teething toys, but recently found his tongue so prefers to stick that out of the side of his mouth much of the time like a happy little puppy. Overall, he's doing well with it - but it'd be nice if those little buggars would break through already (especially when he goes through biting phases with me)!

He rolls like an old pro from back to front but hasn't quite figured out the front to back roll yet.

He's still quite sensitive to dairy which is fine really - I'm finally within 5 pounds of my pre-triplet weight so I'm not minding the cream free life so much. (happy baby = happy Momma)

So, we're doing well - and I think that just about catches me up on photo posts for now...


A little catch up

Mary Louise (second in the video) doing her butterfly dance with her friend Allie:

Ready to go with her "pack pack"!

Standing on her dot:

She is still talking about her class and begging to go back...
Waiting in the hospital bed to be taken to the surgical suite:

David just after his surgery - becoming a little more aware:

Sweet Bub has been amazing. He's healing well and after 2 days of ice, he suffered minimal swelling. He's got some pretty nice bruising going on - but it came and is going and not spreading. His suture glue is almost gone and the stitches beneath are already dissolving. He still complains of pain at times (mostly with diaper changes and baths, etc) and we offer a dose of OTC children's Motrin as necessary. He is still walking pretty gingerly - as if he's been riding a horse all week (ha). We have aptly named him our little cowboy for now...but his gait is getting better with each passing day - and once he gets to playing, you'd really never know he's had surgery at all!

We've had some grand visits with Mommom and "the Uncles" in Houma during the past couple of months. After not heading there for over a year, it's been really wonderful to revisit "home" and have a change of scene every so often. I stayed there a bit while Brent worked that area and we went just before David's surgery as Uncle Collin received some unexpected hurricane days off from his internal medicine rotation.

With Uncle Kyle:

and Uncle Collin:

My big boy!! (yes, his hair is changing - becoming smoother and, it seems, lighter...his eyes, as Brent describes them, are deep sea blue - my sweet cherub - changing all the time!)

and David with his beloved train:

Standing outside...birdseed in hand...demanding "dose buds come get sumping to eat!"

The pants-less king with his master block stack:

The king and queen dancing (gracious thanks to Lhee for her mad crown making skills!)

Serious tower builders!


and because I haven't posted these pics yet:
Houma 82012

It's a very very difficult feat to get all us together - so when we do, we take pictures. I'm pretty sure these pictures, and those taken at Damon and Claire's wedding (which excluded the big kids and Brent) are the only group shots done in at least 5 years or so...maybe longer. Crazy right?