Monday, September 10, 2012

Settling in and Sizing up:

David was 38 inches tall before his surgery! We have a 3+ foot kid!! He lost 2 pounds (making him just over 22 pounds now) throughout the surgical ordeal though so his knee joints are showing like no body's business. His eating has picked up a little and generally, he's doing well - but one morning without eating and an afternoon of post op sickness means a loss for the week...I know...don't we all wish we had such metabolisms?

Everett went to the doctor this week for a Synagis evaluation...which I was less than thrilled about...he was 15 pounds 15 ounces. He was 14 pounds 5 ounces and I think 28 inches just barely 2 weeks earlier at his 4 month check up...yep- he eats. The evaluation was really just me talking to the doctor...and could have been done over the phone...but that would have meant no visit fees...and the way it was presented when the nurse called was that the doctor actually felt we SHOULD come in for an "evaluation". I questioned it as I had trouble with the insurance company covering the shots for Mary Louise and David...and now they wanted an evaluation for a reasonably healthy 35 week gestation child?? So, actually, Everett was simply flagged by the computer system as a preemie. Synagis is technically considered from 35 weeks and lower in gestational age...but rarely paid for for a "preemie" with Everett's history. (and P.S. with Everett's size now, he would already need 2 injections AND they would cost just under $900 per month).

After chatting a bit, we (the doctor and I) decided to send in the request for Synagis as last season was "extremely severe" according to their office records. I am fully expecting a denial letter any day, but will accept the injection should they be covered. I know we will not be quite as sheltered this year with various lessons and activities the "big kids" are enrolled in so any protection we can get is better than nothing. Having said that, I have to be honest and say that the thought of RSV invading this house makes me cringe. Mary Louise has yet to really handle a simple viral cold without bordering on pneumonia. Nothing (involving sickness) is simple here and RSV can be the beast of all snotty beasts. All I can do is hope, pray and clean - and avoid unnecessary sicky hot spots LIKE THE PEDI OFFICE! (if you get my drift).

I left without allowing an exam for Everett. He was checked less than a month ago for his 4 month physical and the doctor had just walked out of a room with a 28 day baby who was admitted to the hospital with a 103 fever from a suspected virus that's been circulating this area. My heart aches for her parents who just wanted to show her off a bit by bringing her to church and to run errands and let people hold and snuggle with her...The doctor actually looked relieved when I declined Everett's exam - she told me she'd rather not touch him at all unless I had some concerns.

I might not get along with some of her office policies, but her medical practice, advice, empathy and fierce protection of her patients' best interests are qualities I truly appreciate.
Some of my "most importants":
From family at home august 2012

From family at home august 2012

From family at home august 2012

From family at home august 2012

Totally worth posting:

"big swappies" from Daddy;

and this is what happens when I tell them to get dressed and choose outfits:

and sometimes this happens when I tell them to go to their quiet spots for "a little rest":


and this is how we eat dinner when we don't have electricity:

Everett is still teething and currently drools through about 3 bibs a day. He sucks his hands, sometimes chews on his teething toys, but recently found his tongue so prefers to stick that out of the side of his mouth much of the time like a happy little puppy. Overall, he's doing well with it - but it'd be nice if those little buggars would break through already (especially when he goes through biting phases with me)!

He rolls like an old pro from back to front but hasn't quite figured out the front to back roll yet.

He's still quite sensitive to dairy which is fine really - I'm finally within 5 pounds of my pre-triplet weight so I'm not minding the cream free life so much. (happy baby = happy Momma)

So, we're doing well - and I think that just about catches me up on photo posts for now...


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