Monday, September 10, 2012

Bat-nanas, teething and David-isms

This evening I was letting the dogs out one last time and winding things down for our bedtime routine. Mary Louise and David were finishing their various snacks and evening meal. David ran up to me crying, "my bat-nana!! my bat-nana gone!! Mine want my bat-nana!"

Where was the banana you ask? in here:

Awesome right? makes total sense. I groaned and took the whiskey bottle outside and began to shake it upside down. Out came: 2 ink pens, some dirt, some crumbs of various crackers, a piece of the cork David long ago pushed in the bottle out of curiosity. I'd thought he'd given up on fooling with the thing...apparently not - he's just become a bit stealthier.

Brent got home and did a bit of a hose gavage on the jug and got the banana out. Said jug is now living outside...

David loves to start words with the "bat" sound. Accordingly, some common "David-isms" include (but are not limited to:
bat-mato = tomato
bat-mango = mango
bat- nooga= granola

then there are the non-"bat" terms:
giga boon bah = Tiger milk bar
bus-tell = Nutella
bed and buh = bread and butter
gogut and oh-nee = yogurt and honey

and because I mentioned earlier that Everett is teething, I thought I'd post some examples of his new(est) signature look:

"Hell-oooh ladies"

all tongue and drool...all the time:

and lest we no forget the receding hairline / feaux hawk:

the super goober. he is.

We've had some great outside time the past 2 days. Enjoying this weather:

We are turning over our veggies in the garden once more and exploring floral seeds. Mary Louise and David are loving comparing the seed shapes and sizes, planting depths and soil scratching. More gardening tomorrow - beautiful weather willing!


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