Thursday, April 28, 2011

ON the charts!!!

That's right! We had our 24 month check up yesterday. Mary Louise is a whopping 22 pounds and 32 inches long. David is 20 pounds and 32 and a half inches long (my slim little guy!). Overall we were told "they look great and are continuing to grow slowly - but growth is growth and there is no concern at this time". Mary Louise is now in the 5th percentile for height and weight while David is in the 5th percentile for height. That's right folks! We's on the REAL charts now!! I mean the one for those "normie" families. What what?! Though I've always said that there is no real normal - I swear a caught a whiff of the elusive beast as I was told these kiddos were doing just fine...and can I just say it was a breath I needed.

Of course we can't relax too much - just as the initial high was hitting, we began to discuss David's walking - or toe walking to be exact. It's become a problem - especially with the continued issues of scar tissue and callous formation on his right heel. But above all, it's simply a habit now. We constantly tell him to "put his foot down". He does, but it takes concentration for him - as soon as something diverts his attention away (like .5 seconds later), he springs up on his toes and takes off. The mounding concern is that his ligaments and Achilles tendon might begin to shorten over time. This would minimal require intensive therapy and maximally require surgery (a very very painful surgery - even by the surgeon's disconnected standards!) I do exercises with his heels regularly - and again, he CAN drop them if and when he chooses...but this does not negate the fact that he is on his toes a good 85% of the time.

So, the doctor who's feathers never ruffle - the one who remains calm even when I'm ranting like a lunatic and in tears because he told me to "let them cry" if I wanted to get more sleep (umm - we're getting more sleep these days - and I've never let them cry by the way - it may have taken 2 years, but my conscience is clear...of that battle anyhow). That doctor who simply does not get concerned, is in fact very concerned.

The consequence of concern? CORRECTIVE SHOES. dun dun dunnnnnnnnn...better non-invasive now that terribly invasive later...better to let go of the "cool factor" just a little for the greater good...yeah - just as David what he thinks of his new kicks...

From Drop Box

not. a. fan.

In fact, my little grump pitched a fit that started in the store and dragged out through the morning, after nap time, and until I desperately strapped he and Mary Louise in the car and drove to the one park I can take them to alone - the one that has a secure fence with a gate around the entire play area. In addition, when Mary Louise stepped in one of those oddly placed puddles (you know - the ones that seem to come out of no where and have super muddy, warm and slightly smelly water that hangs on for dear life no matter how much you drag your soiled foot through the grass...that kind of puddle?), I did what anyone would do - marched both babies right over to the splash park and let them go to town in the fountains. Honestly, those clothes were destined to get wet in the washer - what the heck difference does it make if they are still inhabited when the cycle begins?? I removed David's cursed new friends when we returned to the car - because in my opinion, 5 to 6 hours of wear for day one is quite enough thank you! He transformed immediately into my sweet sweet (and just slightly grumpy) little momma's boy once more.

Other than that, things are going well. David's weight is obviously down a little. Reflux seems to have returned to our house - or more to the point, returned to David. He's put on a pretty impressive projectile display 2 night this week already. So, after at least 6 weeks of no medications, we've reluctantly started a very low night dose of Zantac once more. As with everything else, this too shall pass and we will sit, watch and patiently wait for the next time...

More birthday posts and photos to come!! And just wait until you see what the little artists have been up to (thanks to a particular Auntie Zoo we know and love!)!


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Happy birthday little ones! (part one)

And now for my 500th post!!! Happy birthday to my darlings - Mary Louise, David and angel Kuylen. May you all have a beautiful day!

David's eye is looking much better this morning. We did go to Urgent Care yesterday, antibiotics (Augmentin) were prescribed and started. The swelling has gone down significantly and we've been cleared to spend the day at the zoo!! It is thought that the swelling was more than likely caused by an allergic reaction - but the small possibility of cellulitis in his lid, coupled with his ROP history - and the fact that his left eye which had cryotherapy and is a bit weaker in muscular strength than his right - warranted the antibiotics - just to be safe. Mary Louise is showing no signs of a problem and neither are Brent or myself.

Must run - we are about to leave - but didn't want to leave everyone "hanging" for another day.

All is well, and we are forever grateful for the prayers and birthday wishes.


Monday, April 18, 2011


Up way to late AND way too early with David who, this morning, is showing some rather definitive signs of pink eye. Oh. My. Gosh. Not really what I had in mind for their pending birthday - again - read below about best laid plans. Ha - just when I think I have things figured out, life happens.

Will post later about our Urgent Care visit which is BOUND to be exciting. Wish us luck PLEASE! (and send happy thoughts that the whole family doesn't get the eye funk before all is said and done!)


Sunday, April 17, 2011

In the week ahead...

Reading and Talking...

Keep Away with an Angry David...


Lots of things happening around here all the time. Mary Louise and David seem to grasp the pronunciation of more words each day. Mary Louise is even putting 2 word phrases together now - "Hi Dada!" "What's this?" - and mumbles things constantly. David is experimenting with his voice with lots and lots of inflection (read as yelling) and echoing.

In climbing news, we've had to pull all of the chairs away from the dining room table as Mary Louise and David scale that thing within seconds if the chairs are available as a step. They climb on things like our storage chest coffee table regularly and are really starting to master the stairs. While holding on with one hand, Mary Louise has begun to alternate her feet while climbing the stairs - typically a late 2 / early 3 year old skill. David has begun to stand upright while climbing the stairs and holding on with one hand - though sometimes he still reverts to crawling them to get ahead of Mary Louise!

We are celebrating their SECOND birthday on Tuesday!!!! Can you believe it?!!!! That's 2 years of worry, 2 years of sleepless nights, 2 years of milestones, 2 years of more surprise, heartache, love, shock and awe than I EVER could have imagined! (oh and if I may just slide this in....2 years of playing nice with my dear friend Medela and their Pump in Style pumping system - and to think that when I registered for the thing, I had it in my thick skull that I would simply breastfeed 3 babies and not have to use such contraption! pft. best laid plans...)

We have a big week ahead of us - birthday on Tuesday, then Easter and Kuylen's day are one in the same this year.

Much more to come in the week ahead.


Monday, April 11, 2011

Hey! You! Get off of my cloud!

I've said (many many) times before that I must have some sort of permanent sign on my forehead that everyone but me can see. The sign says, "I care. You can tell me." Even though most of the time I honestly don't (care) and would in fact prefer that you (that odd stranger in my path of vision locking eyes with me then darting back and forth between me and the babies) did not share what happens to be floating through your mind at this very second.

(I'll take a wild stab at what it is though - you want to announce, "TWINS???" in a really excited, all knowing kind of way. Then you want me to acknowledge your infinite intelligence with a minimum of a pat on the back and approving nod. But really you'd prefer to tell me about how your brother's cousin's sister in law's great grandmother had twins and that those twins are now 42...and a half. You'd also like to proclaim that you've observed that I have a boy AND a girl and isn't that just the most perfect thing in the world and you're so glad that I "got it all done in one shot" and "won't be having any more children" - because really, it's within your power and right to make that decision for me.)

So obviously, this has happened - oh I don't know - about 1053 times and though I've gotten pretty used to the Tourettes-ish tick that overcomes people and makes them explode into over-aggressive beasts poking at me with sticks shouting TWINS TWINS!!! (ok - that last bit is a little exaggerated - but I did have a lady physically pull on my arm the other day because, rather than pausing in a good conversation with Brent, I simply ignored her...) I keep my cool most of the time and have only been outright rude once or twice...ok maybe twice - or 4 times, whatever. If there's an opening, I'll say they are surviving triplets. If they ask if they are identical, I'll say no most of the time - and the times I don't simply say no, I gently point out that they are in fact a boy and a girl. Only twice have I felt pushed enough to point out that, sure, a boy and a girl can in fact be identical - except for those pesky genitalia that seem to get in the way.

I understand that people are curious - that babies are cute and beg to be ogled. I know that my chip comes from our particular experience, from the fact that no matter what, I see 3 and others see 2. I get that. My ache is my own. I just can't, for the life of me understand why so many people seem to regularly display a complete and utter lack of self reflection. Seriously.

So the point...or the actual happenstance that has brought me to rant and ooze sarcasm at an all new level...

We (Mary Louise, David and I) went to the mall this afternoon. I rarely (as in almost never) go there anymore - and really, today's experience didn't help at all. I only needed one thing - and couldn't find a free shipping coupon online so I opted to simply run into the store, grab, purchase and be on my merry way. The day was gorgeous. Mary Louise and David were in great moods and I knew I could squeeze a 15 or 20 minute mall excursion into our day before their fussy time hit.

We strolled to the store and just before we entered, a man came up to us - young - probably late 20's...he worked at one of the stands in the middle - some sort of uber classy hair extension place.

He announced, "Hey! Thems twins?? I gots twins - girl I gots to see them!" So I smiled, turned the stroller so he could take a look - see. "2 girls?" He said. (a little miffed as they were dressed in, to me, obvious boy / girl clothing and let's face it, David is a stinkin' cute little boy - but would be all sorts of awkward and off if he were a girl!) "No," I replied, "a boy and a girl."

"Oh! I gots that too! You done then! No more for you! Girl, I don't want no more - especially girls. I don't want no more 'dem girls. They crazy."

"You have no idea." I thought to myself as I calmed my insides and managed a smile while saying, "actually, we thought we might have 5 or 6 more." He paid no attention and went on with his story...

"My girl's all sassy and say hello to everybody. My boy don't say nothing to no one. Kind of like yours." He noticed Mary Louise grinning and David glaring.

"At first I thought about having another boy...cuz like I says, I don't want no more girls." (Obviously, he felt he could easily choose the sex of the hypothetical baby - who am I to correct him on biology?) "But instead I gots snipped." ("Awesome, we've reached an all new level of TMI with the public." I thought as he demonstrated what "snipped" meant by scisoring 2 fingers in the air around his nether regions - I needed that visual.)

"Yep - I gots snipped - but I thought about having one more boy..." (here comes the kicker) "you know, just in case my boy turns out to be gay or some sort of druggie, or dies or something. I'd have a replacement." (don't worry, he didn't stop there)

"Maybe that's wrong to say..." (I stood there, mouth open. I thought about giving a run down of our story, of our Kuylen and stopped short of starting - it would be wasted on such a moron. Seriously. I'm pretty sure I stopped breathing - and may have resorted to beating him with my purse- but I hadn't brought one in...) "But you know, I just wanted my boy and girl."

I paused a little longer, the squeaked out, "Ok, I'm going to move on now."

"Ok girl! Bye!" He called as I rushed off.

Tears welled as I left the mall - as I thought of cradling Kuylen in the NICU begging his body to heal so we could just bring some part of him home, staring into thick plastic and surrounded by machines at such a tiny broken baby boy. How fleeting life can be - and how lucky I am to know it.

I called Brent. "Oh Heather, I don't know how you find these people!" he said. "But there is a bright side...he may be an insensative and shallow idiot - but he did have enough sense to do the world a favor and get "snipped!""

"Best. point. ever. punkin!" I said as I took a breath and sank back into my world and pushed the moment with dummy out of my mind. My 2 precious HEALTHY babies in the back seat singing away...


Sunday, April 10, 2011

apologies for the interruption...

So, the wee ones had a wonderful time yesterday...but my computer, well, didn' short, I have ordered a new one and should be back up and running in a week or so. I have a blog in progress and will try to finish it - a fussy story really - but my internet time is very limited so, I'm not sure when it'll be finished.

At any rate, I'll be back soon!!


Monday, April 4, 2011

Our Budding Artists

Mary Louise and David are officially in love - with 2 things...seaweed salad (a fairly odd eaters' post is on the brink) and coloring!

Apparently, when colors are concerned, nothing is off limits and absolutely EVERYTHING just NEEDS that little touch of "something" only Mary Louise and David can provide...

Looking for his next canvas:

The manlift it is! (I mentioned we're having the house painted right?? - wildness going on around here!)

Mary Louise was too busy with her ENORMOUS project to bother looking at Mommy!

A closeup of sweet lady ML's work (this would be the side of our house - at least it was PRIOR to the painting - and at any rate, the chalk washes off very easily - it's those darn permanent markers they keep finding that can be a bit stubborn!):