Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Happy birthday little ones! (part one)

And now for my 500th post!!! Happy birthday to my darlings - Mary Louise, David and angel Kuylen. May you all have a beautiful day!

David's eye is looking much better this morning. We did go to Urgent Care yesterday, antibiotics (Augmentin) were prescribed and started. The swelling has gone down significantly and we've been cleared to spend the day at the zoo!! It is thought that the swelling was more than likely caused by an allergic reaction - but the small possibility of cellulitis in his lid, coupled with his ROP history - and the fact that his left eye which had cryotherapy and is a bit weaker in muscular strength than his right - warranted the antibiotics - just to be safe. Mary Louise is showing no signs of a problem and neither are Brent or myself.

Must run - we are about to leave - but didn't want to leave everyone "hanging" for another day.

All is well, and we are forever grateful for the prayers and birthday wishes.