Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tired but Feeling Better

David seems much better this morning. He has been doing well with his milk since about 4am...and even ate a few puffs. So, we're clear for now. What a night!!!

Will likely add more to this later...


Take 2:
David is still doing fine as far as his nausea...BUT he has run a fever most of the day. His top teeth are just charging through and he's been miserable to say the least. Sweet boy - he does quite well as long as he's on my hip...but then again, so does Mary Louise. Kyle, Sean and my mom have been wildly good sports about it all.

Currently, the 3 of us are completely exhausted. Between last night's shenanigans and a day full of play, lots of thunderstorms, and very little napping, we've all had just about enough. Mary Louise and David are resting quietly right now and I sure don't plan to be far behind (fulfilling the duties of diligent pumping momma right now).

We'll get a change of scene for the weekend - a trip to MaMere and Pop's tomorrow AND a visit there from our beloved Brent! I am hoping my sweet David does ok through the night and gets some much needed rest for a feel better tomorrow.


Rough night...

Well, it's 3:30am and David has thrown up 3 times. My poor little guy...I don't know if he has gotten a little stomach bug or if the pineapple he ate a little earlier in the day just really didn't agree with him. He's eaten it a few times before - but just tastes really - not this amount. At any rate, he seems to have "gotten rid" of the vast majority of it (not all that much - maybe a teaspoon of really tiny cut up pieces.) Mary Louise seems fine - she ate just as much if not more than him.

Hoping my sweet boy feels better in the morning - and can get a little bit of restful sleep tonight!


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

(still) happy anniversary

Today marks what would be my parents' 36th wedding anniversary. Kyle and Sean are taking Mommom out on a date to a favorite restaurant to celebrate one of the most beautiful unions I've ever seen.

My dad - typically a man of few words - adored my mom. I mean really. He would just exude pride when she would get gussied up for their regular dates. Even when we were little, my parents ALWAYS made time for one another. If there wasn't enough time for dinner, they would have a nice after dinner drink and chat out at a favorite neighborhood spot after we'd gone to bed. They taught me - by demonstration - that one of the most important things to maintain in a marriage is that time as a couple. No matter what, make one another a top priority.

They always had their own identities - never looked to be completely co-dependent on one another. Sure, they could function separately...but they'd MUCH prefer to do life together. In short, they enjoyed the company of one another.

So, here's to you - Mom (Mommom) and Dad- Where ever you are, I know you're with her tonight - and I know you're so proud of your beauty for getting all gussied up, one more time, for you. Thank you for being such an example of love and longevity for us.


Monday, June 28, 2010


Well, the babies and I have been staying with Mommom for the time being while our house is on the market. We are staying scarce while things like open houses and individual viewings happen in hopes that it will make the house sell a bit easier and quicker - if nothing else, it's definitely easier to show...

The open house last weekend generated quite a bit of interest from what we understand - about 15 people actually came! We are really hopeful that something will work out soon. In the meantime, we are moving ahead with the purchase of the new house.

Mary Louise and David are busy as ever here at Mommom's! They are learning to navagate up and down a small step. They both solve the problem of "going down" rather well - using a nearby chair or a helping hand to assist them when necessary.

Today, the babies met a childhood friend of mine - Alisha. Alisha and I have known one another since 4th grade!! Mary Louise and David took to her immediately. Though I can't say I was all that surprised...Alisha has been a nanny, pre-k teacher and currently works as a 2nd grade teacher. In short, she absolutely adores children - and the feeling is mutual! We had a really nice morning / afternoon with her.

Looking forward to the rest of our visit - and to the news of the sale of our house...


Thursday, June 24, 2010

(trying to) move on!

I am still packing, organizing, staging and cleaning here at our house for sale. Kyle and Sean have been such a help - keeping the little ones busy and out of the way of the boxes, etc. We are having an open house this weekend and I am trying my best to be ready for the excitement - and potential buyers!!!

Though it has been an awful lot of work and truly exhausting, our eye is still on the prize - a beautiful house we'll quickly make a home in which we'll watch our tiny blessings blossom and grow.

Mary Louise and David are more active than ever. Mary Louise has (uhem) gone from 14 month to 14 years in the past week with her attitude. She wants what she wants and is very VERY strong willed. David, though slightly more relaxed, is really just as determined. They both "drove" round and round the house today with their push walkers and seemed to have a grand time laughing all the way.

Kyle swears Mary Louise is beginning to formulate words- though I'm not so sure, I can't completely discount his theory either. They both answer to their names, are learning to point to their noses and mouths when asked, can clap (David did once today and seems to be catching on relatively quickly in general. They have also started to readily imitate the things we do that entertain them.

It's so exciting to see what they'll do next!! We're so proud.


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Strike that...

Well, darnit. The buyer backed out after missing 2 appointments to sign a purchase agreement saying, "I need another week or 2 but am still interested." Aggravating? Of course. We're still here packing - and now staging a few things. But that's the latest info...

Sorry, just feeling a bit deflated at the moment.


Sunday, June 20, 2010

HA! Happy Father's Day (take 2)...

So after a whopping 3 days on the market, we have entered a verbal contract - and sign tomorrow - to sell our house!!!!! We can hardly believe it! Such wonderful news! We are so so excited to get settled into our new / old house! Just thrilled - and had to share the news...and a few photos!



Happy Father's Day!

What an exciting day for Brent. We have 2 babies home - loving and climbing all over him, we are packing to move with help from Uncles Sean and Kyle...we have (as always) so much going on.

We went (a little late) to a wonderful service this morning, did a little grocery run afterward, and are working on the house and cooking this afternoon. Ah family time - so nice.

I am appropriately making my dad's crawfish stew this afternoon - he taught me to make it a few months before he passed away. He loved to cook for us - and hear the "oooo's" and "ahhh's" that went along with it.

David and Mary Louise are continuing to teethe. They both seem to be doing quite well with it all and as of yet, don't mind the extra commotion with packing. I weighed them the other day - Mary Louise: 14 pounds 9.5 ounces and David: 13 pounds 7.5 ounces. So, they've slowed their growth a tad over the past couple of weeks...until the next growth spurt that is!

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!!! Happy happy father's day!


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Front and Center

The news of the day? David is getting not one but TWO teeth in!!! Front and center - at the top...which once again, explains an awful lot about his behavior as of late. They both seem a bit better this morning - Mary Louise's FIFTH tooth (yes, that's number 5) is coming in at the top. I'm sure David will have more to follow. They are really doing pretty well with it all - some low fevers, very clingy, off and on with eating - but always taking their bottles to make up for the lack in solid volume - and some sleeping issues. Well, I suppose they're typical from what I've heard and read.

In other news, we are so incredibly excited that we have officially signed a contract to purchase a house!!!! We are putting ours on the market today and of course hope it sells quickly. I will try to post some photos of the new dwelling soon - but wanted to keep everyone updated with the news. The location is amazing - walking distance to 3 beautiful parks, much closer to doctors, our favorite date places are a nice walk away, and church - and the babies' future elementary and middle school is about a 5 minute drive. Literally, everything we do is so so easy to get to from it! In addition - we are absolutely in love with the house itself - a garden district home - completely refurbished with amazing attention to detail. We're just thrilled.

And finally, oh - "anonymous" - I wasn't going to acknowledge your presence but you seem to be screaming for attention with your continued comments. This blog is for family and friends - of which you seem to be neither as your conduct is immensely unprofessional and ridiculously confrontational. It's not your opinion that is flawed but your half-wit delivery. I do with our babies what works in our house. I'm ok with you not agreeing with me. If you have a question about my approach, please feel free to ask - just as I would (and have) if I were in search of information or advice. If you simply don't like my unconventional ways, I invite you to frequent an alternate blog - maybe one that suits your personal ideals a little better? It's ok - branch out - I'm sure you can find some (other) way to waste time. Thanks so much for stopping by!


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

new photos

I've had a little trouble with space on my computer - hence no photos lately - but here's the mass that have been taken...(I know you find it very hard to believe that I'd run out of space for photos right?)

These are from my camera - there are clips and videos mixed in...
may and June of 2010

and from MaMere and Pop's visit...
CRL 6-13-2010

-SKL 6-13-2010


New toys...

MaMere always has wonderful ideas for new toys for the little ones. This time, her surprise for them was pinwheels...

So fun - thanks so much!!


Clap your hands!

Mary Louise learned to clap a while back - but only when she watched a demonstration announcing Mary Louise clapping - WITHOUT DEMONSTRATION!!! Why is this so big (besides me always getting super excited about the new things they do?) It means her speech is progressing! One of her speech goals from our last visit to Kid's Team was for her to be able to follow a simple command - ta.da.!!!

Way to go Bug!!


Monday, June 14, 2010

Dear Mommom...

So much has happened in the year you've been gone...

Mary Louise and David made it home safely and have been thriving ever since. Mary Louise is nothing short of beautifully perfect. Each time I look at her, I see a bit of your angelic innocence. You would no doubt, adore them both.

I rock them all the time (though some books would argue that I'm spoiling them). I think of all of the lovely stories I'll one day get to tell them. They will know you through our many experiences with you.

I bring them to church almost every Sunday - as long as it's not during RSV season! - just like you used to bring me. They sit and they play. They "sing" with the organ. They grin and they giggle - just like we all did when we were at your feet in the pews growing up.

I make sure that I take time to read to them - even though their interest can't be held for long and they haven't really caught onto the whole reading thing yet. Our current favorite is "The Very Hungry Caterpillar". They love to stick their fingers in the holes on each page.

We go for long walks and I point out the flowers in gardens along the way. We look at bugs and I tell them what each one is (provided I know of course!). We crawl around in the grass in the oh so hot afternoon sun. Outside time and exercise is a favorite around here.

I still can't make eggs that taste as good as yours - and I'm scared to try pastries!

We talk about you all the time. We still poke fun at some of the quirky things you did and still so appreciate your alert, spry coherence to the very end. Your honest grace and exemplary tact are things that I can only hope my little ones have a hint of (Lord knows if they take after me, tact may not be on their side!)

Mom has become Mary Louise and David's Mommom. I love to watch her with them. She's absolutely amazing as she sits on the floor playing and telling me stories of her happy childhood with you. She exudes the same proud adoration I saw so many times across your face while you played with us.

I miss you Mommom - I think of you always. Thank you.


Sunday, June 13, 2010

My very hungry caterpillars and a very nice weekend!

For dinner, Mary Louise and David (well mostly David - but Mary Louise ate a fair amount as well) ate: 2 servings of green beans, 2 of sweet potatoes, 1 of squash, some watermelon, quite a few whole grain goldfish crackers, a serving of peas, and bananas. I'm a little afraid of what might (uhem) come next...I cut little David off after the second helping of green beans! My goodness! At this rate, they are sure to blossom into their full "genetic height potential"! Mary Louise is just over 14 and half pounds and David is a little less than a pound smaller. They have both grown taller - but I haven't measured their heights lately so I don't know exact numbers.

Ma Mere and Pop came for a visit this weekend. We had a really nice time with them. On Friday, they gave us their blessings and stamp of approval on a house that Brent and I are just over the moon about. We came to a verbal agreement with the owner last week and hope to put things on paper at the beginning of this week. Moving will be no small task but we are just thrilled about having a home that really functions for us.

On Saturday, the proud grandparents watched the little ones while Brent and I ran a few errands and had a lovely - and very much appreciated lunch date.

This morning, we made it church - late as we had 2 little surprises when we got there and did the final diaper check - but better late than not at all right? The service was very nice, and the babies behaved as well as can be expected.

Afterward, as we gathered our things to leave (you know, the 3 toys under the pew in front of us, the puffs that flew up a few rows, the crumpled calendar and anything else we "threw" at the babies just to buy a minute or 2 more), a woman walked up to us, smiled and said,"you're Heather...and that's David." I smiled and answered yes thinking that she'd simply put faces to the names she's been asked to pray for all these months. But that wasn't why she asked...she worked with my dad for awhile. I remembered her name the instant she got the first syllable out - and the sound of her voice - the last time I saw her was at his funeral. I had a very short and heartfelt conversation with her - but of course was rather out of sorts at the time. It was wonderful albeit a bit overwhelming to see her. Moments like that make the truth undeniable. He is gone. He is not in fact on yet another business trip, he is in our hearts, on our minds, but gone. As we both fumbled through a conversation, promised to get together, and I introduced her to sweet little David, I felt him - just a little - knew he was still keeping an eye on his beloved family.

I told my mom I saw her - she said, "he's still watching over us you know." I know Mom...we are just so lucky and so loved. It's amazing...and we are eternally grateful for it all!


Thursday, June 10, 2010


I can already hear it starting - and all they do is whine, grunt and giggle for now. The yelling, "Mooooom!!! David...or Mary Louise hit..." Those two are really something! They have already started to have full tantrums if and when they don't get something they want - or when something they shouldn't have is taken away. When I say tantrum, I mean the whole flailing of the arms, gritting of gums, balling of fists...if they could walk they would do the swinging arms while partially bent over like and ogre stomping behind me. But instead, they do the equally dramatic tantrum crawl in which each hand placement sounds like they're dropping 10 pound weights on the floor.

Yesterday, David and Mary Louise were playing at my feet as usual while I emptied the dishwasher. They each had a toy. As expected, Mary Louise eventually lost interest in hers and took David's (because whatever he has is inevitably more exciting). David stopped for a minute, considered crying (judging by his facial expression), and opted instead to take his precious plaything back. Now, in over a year, David has rarely, if ever, challenged Mary Louise. Sometimes he pays no attention to her fast hands ways and simply grabs another toy, sometimes he screams and crawls to the nearest adult. But it is next to never that he makes a gesture to take back his toy. He is and has always been opportunistic. Even his therapists notice. He simply goes the path of least resistance. He can switch gears in an instant if an initial plan just isn't working out.

Mary Louise on the other hand, ha, she's a bit more like her momma than I like to admit- or care to think about. If she wants something, and sets her mind to it, there is. no. diversion. There is no replacement. It doesn't matter if she must go the hardest and most ridiculous route to get there - nor how trivial the end result is - she will achieve it (and only it) eventually. In short, she's a stubborn little buggar.

So, Mary Louise took David's toy and out of the corner of my eye, I saw a little smirk come over his face as he slowly reached across Mary Louise to claim what was his in the first place...when she bit him! She bit his arm!! David and I were both in such shock that he looked up at me- completely dumbfounded - and I just stared back at him - wide-eyed and open mouthed. Mary Louise? Oh - she just smiled and enjoyed her prize...

Is there such a thing as that 2 stage happening at age 1? They may be just 10 months adjusted, but in spirit, I'm pretty sure they're 13.


P.S. I may have found the culprit to Mary Louise's sudden snappiness...this morning, I noticed 2 more teeth just barely peaking through her upper gums. Hopefully, that explains her tossing and turning for the past 2 nights as well.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Bath update

I'm starting to think of this blog as my "worry doll". When I was young, my family went to the Smokey Mountains and hiked through, enjoying stops in shops where the Cherokee Indians had crafts and such. I got a tiny little pot with even tinier little dolls - I can't remember how many...but they were worry dolls. Before going to bed at night, I was to tell them all of my worries so that they could keep them safe (ha) and I could have a good night's sleep...I suppose I've always been a tad neurotic as I remember always having a burden to pass on to my poor little dolls!

So, I mentioned that David was having bath issues. Today, we went on a long walk around the lake in town here as we are considering a house nearby and I wanted to make sure I would enjoy the area as much as I thought I would - from the car ride around...anyhow, long walk, David napped, when we returned home, I set up the water in their little baby pool to warm. A little while later, we went outside. David immediately began playing in the water as if the past week hadn't happened and kicked so hard he splashed yards ahead of the pool! He was so happy and into his pool playtime that he actually cried when I took him in after about 30 minutes as another afternoon of spring / summer showers was just beginning. He then played in the bathtub for a bit before tiring of the whole thing - which is when Brent got home from work.

So, it seems for now, the sea monkey is back - and the burden of my worry has been taken into blogland- he's still wildly clingy though - but I'll take happy bath time and enjoy the improvement for now!


Sunday, June 6, 2010

Bath time shennanagins...

Since last week sometime, David has been bucking the bath time system - as in, his hiney must. not. touch. the water. Playing in the sink? fine. Sprinkler? oh what fun. But the bathtub? no. way. I've tried to bathe him alone, give him extra individual attention, let him play on the outside of the tub and ease him in one step at a time. I've even let him stand in the tub water for awhile. Still, sitting down is suddenly a no go.

Before this phase (which is what I really hope it is), he LOVED bath time. He would play and play, get tired eventually, but it was really a 30 minute routine in the tub that we adhered to every evening. He got a pretty bad diaper rash one day (seriously, it only takes one day and a couple of extra poops for things to go from pearly white to raw and red there). That night was the first time he wailed when I tried to put him down. I took him out and just sponged him off thinking it was the rash. But that's gone- and the attitude is still there...

I'll try bathing him earlier in the day - maybe he is just too over tired as we've had some rather busy days lately. Brent and I have been looking at houses. We've just completely outgrown this one. Also, after living in the area for 6 years, we've settled into different activities and have learned of places that would be more conducive and convenient to raising our little ones.

Anyhow, we've been quite active and the babies have been very tired at their bedtime lately. I am hoping that an earlier bath will suit David a little better. Brent and I agree that this just may be another over-stimulation issue. Though David has gotten infinitely better with handling specifically loud noises and a busy atmosphere, he still has his moments. Being exhausted, having a full tummy, and getting in the bathtub may just over load him suddenly.

I still think he may be teething though, again, nothing is showing yet...he has increased his chewing and drooling two-fold and is whiny and clingy literally all. the. time. On top of everything else, he could also be having a growth spurt.

I just really hope my sweet little guy gets his sparkling disposition back soon. I miss him - though I am admittedly enjoying the extra cuddling!


Friday, June 4, 2010

Say goodbye to the letter "M" and hello to toilet talk!

Funny stories of the morning...

I woke up to David giggling. He'd crawled out of his Nap Nanny (this week, Houdini has figured out how to get out of the little harness), across the room, and was standing up against my nursing chair trying to figure out how to climb on it...yep, hands are definitely full these days!

Mary Louise and David were playing with refrigerator magnets - the letter kind. David had a "D", Mary Louise appropriately had an "M". I put them by the sink to wash them as the kiddos were also munching on banana slices while playing. I filled the tea kettle and put it to boil. "Crackle, crackle"...then the smell...I pick up the kettle to find what was left of the letter M stuck to the bottom! (The magnet had apparently clung to the bottom of the kettle as I filled it - and I never noticed!)

David's new fascination...the toilet. He can just barely see into it if he pulls up on it - which means his mouth is even with the seat (that's right - you can picture it). He has been known to attempt to sling things into it in an "ally-oop" fashion as the splash makes him giggle. LOVE that little guy. In the meantime, Brent and I are working on remembering to put the cover down...

I had exactly 2 looong naps while Mommom was here - the kind in which you sleep so hard that when you wake, you're actually disoriented and wonder where you are. I feel a little more human - and was even able to freeze 4 bags of milk over her visit!! (which means I have a little extra again!) Yeah!!!


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Getting back online...

So after exactly 2 days of very small amounts of whole milk (2 to 4 ounces each once a day), my supply seems to be getting back on track. Ha. Leave it to me to have an absolute melt down at the eleventh hour. I suppose the good news is that although they don't just go wild over cow's milk, it does keep their attention long enough for me to have a decent pumping session. It is also an appropriate filler to use with my milk in an emergency.

Last night, Mary Louise and David slept a little better. This morning, however, there was bad weather brewing. So, in addition to his new wildly fussy attitude, David was more clingy than I have ever seen him. He would go into an utter panic if I even made a gesture to put him down to play. He was in my lap if I was on the floor, and I was to hold him if I stood. Sweet boy, I can't say I minded the holding part...I just wish I knew (for sure) what was really bothering him. (I think he's teething though I can't actually feel any teeth pushing through yet.)

This afternoon, Mommom came for a visit - and to help me while Brent spends the night away for business. Always good to see her - always means I get a little more rest which at this time is so so needed.

In answer to a question I've gotten alot lately...I do have "The Baby Whisperer" book. I have looked through it - especially the sections on sleeping. As I've mentioned, Mary Louise and David, though I do agree that at times they use the bottle as a pacifier, are hungry. In the past 2 nights, they have cut their night intake in half. They've done this before though - only to go back up when they have another growth spurt. But, if they maintain their current intake or reduce it further, we may be able one giant step closer to the end of night feedings.

We do feed them on demand - which I realize many many people disagree with. My thought process (if you're wondering)... If I were breastfeeding (actual breastfeeding), they would in fact be fed on demand - just as any other breastfed baby. The vehicle of transport is the only difference. Also, if they were supposed to be fed on time blocks, wouldn't I spontaneously produce the amount they need - or somewhere close - on time blocks? Honestly, it comes out pretty much the same - I pump every so often - usually every 3 or 4 hours - and really they've ended up eating major meals every 4 hours. However, if they are obviously hungry in between, they eat then too. The more calories for their tiny ball of energy bodies, the better. Whatever we've done, they look healthy - and all of our physicians and therapists have been happy with their progress - which makes me (and dear Brent) very happy. They consistently cluster feed at night until their little bellies poke out and make them look like little Buddhas. But whatever they take in is metabolized about 5 to 6 hours later - necessitating the extra feeds.

Anyhow, as I've said before, slow progress is being made in our plight to get a full night's rest. In the meantime, Mary Louise is 14 pounds 6 ounces and David is 13 pounds 4 ounces as of the beginning of this week!! Yeah!!