Tuesday, June 29, 2010

(still) happy anniversary

Today marks what would be my parents' 36th wedding anniversary. Kyle and Sean are taking Mommom out on a date to a favorite restaurant to celebrate one of the most beautiful unions I've ever seen.

My dad - typically a man of few words - adored my mom. I mean really. He would just exude pride when she would get gussied up for their regular dates. Even when we were little, my parents ALWAYS made time for one another. If there wasn't enough time for dinner, they would have a nice after dinner drink and chat out at a favorite neighborhood spot after we'd gone to bed. They taught me - by demonstration - that one of the most important things to maintain in a marriage is that time as a couple. No matter what, make one another a top priority.

They always had their own identities - never looked to be completely co-dependent on one another. Sure, they could function separately...but they'd MUCH prefer to do life together. In short, they enjoyed the company of one another.

So, here's to you - Mom (Mommom) and Dad- Where ever you are, I know you're with her tonight - and I know you're so proud of your beauty for getting all gussied up, one more time, for you. Thank you for being such an example of love and longevity for us.


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  1. I love this! Brings tears to me. My parents always said Faith, then Marriage, then Kids. If the first two are not in working order, the third has no chance.