Monday, June 7, 2010

Bath update

I'm starting to think of this blog as my "worry doll". When I was young, my family went to the Smokey Mountains and hiked through, enjoying stops in shops where the Cherokee Indians had crafts and such. I got a tiny little pot with even tinier little dolls - I can't remember how many...but they were worry dolls. Before going to bed at night, I was to tell them all of my worries so that they could keep them safe (ha) and I could have a good night's sleep...I suppose I've always been a tad neurotic as I remember always having a burden to pass on to my poor little dolls!

So, I mentioned that David was having bath issues. Today, we went on a long walk around the lake in town here as we are considering a house nearby and I wanted to make sure I would enjoy the area as much as I thought I would - from the car ride around...anyhow, long walk, David napped, when we returned home, I set up the water in their little baby pool to warm. A little while later, we went outside. David immediately began playing in the water as if the past week hadn't happened and kicked so hard he splashed yards ahead of the pool! He was so happy and into his pool playtime that he actually cried when I took him in after about 30 minutes as another afternoon of spring / summer showers was just beginning. He then played in the bathtub for a bit before tiring of the whole thing - which is when Brent got home from work.

So, it seems for now, the sea monkey is back - and the burden of my worry has been taken into blogland- he's still wildly clingy though - but I'll take happy bath time and enjoy the improvement for now!



  1. Blogging is my therapy. Seriously keeps me sane. Glad it is helping you with your worries. I love the updates of your precious children and so glad David is back to loving baths.

  2. My sister was afraid of the drain when she was little. Perhaps the sound of the drain scared him, but now he has forgotten? Anyway, something I thought about when I read your original post!