Thursday, June 17, 2010

Front and Center

The news of the day? David is getting not one but TWO teeth in!!! Front and center - at the top...which once again, explains an awful lot about his behavior as of late. They both seem a bit better this morning - Mary Louise's FIFTH tooth (yes, that's number 5) is coming in at the top. I'm sure David will have more to follow. They are really doing pretty well with it all - some low fevers, very clingy, off and on with eating - but always taking their bottles to make up for the lack in solid volume - and some sleeping issues. Well, I suppose they're typical from what I've heard and read.

In other news, we are so incredibly excited that we have officially signed a contract to purchase a house!!!! We are putting ours on the market today and of course hope it sells quickly. I will try to post some photos of the new dwelling soon - but wanted to keep everyone updated with the news. The location is amazing - walking distance to 3 beautiful parks, much closer to doctors, our favorite date places are a nice walk away, and church - and the babies' future elementary and middle school is about a 5 minute drive. Literally, everything we do is so so easy to get to from it! In addition - we are absolutely in love with the house itself - a garden district home - completely refurbished with amazing attention to detail. We're just thrilled.

And finally, oh - "anonymous" - I wasn't going to acknowledge your presence but you seem to be screaming for attention with your continued comments. This blog is for family and friends - of which you seem to be neither as your conduct is immensely unprofessional and ridiculously confrontational. It's not your opinion that is flawed but your half-wit delivery. I do with our babies what works in our house. I'm ok with you not agreeing with me. If you have a question about my approach, please feel free to ask - just as I would (and have) if I were in search of information or advice. If you simply don't like my unconventional ways, I invite you to frequent an alternate blog - maybe one that suits your personal ideals a little better? It's ok - branch out - I'm sure you can find some (other) way to waste time. Thanks so much for stopping by!



  1. Heather, some people just seem to think that they know everything. I'm glad you're standing up for yourself - you've done a phenomenal job raising your two little dears!

    Everyone thinks that they know best when it comes to babies. Just the other day, when Scott and I were in church, I stood up to rock Molly since she was fussing. Afterward, someone approached me and asked if I had considered Ferberizing her. Good lord. =)

  2. This will be a very Happy Father's Day for Brent with a new home and a happy, healthy family, as well as overwhelming blessings of support from so many friends over the past year of fatherhood. xxxooo

  3. LOL! You tell em Heather! I don't get some people-- seriously???!! Sheesh!

    Yeah for 2 teeth for David and FIVE for Mary Louis?? Holy Cow! Poor Jimmie still is munchin with 2.

  4. Heather,

    I've been following your blog on and off for the last year. A friend told me about it when I was very discouraged at five months pregnant last year at this time. I am a single mommy and the news of my pregnancy came only a week after I lost my job. For all those anonymous that may be tempted to comment...I was on BC, so it was quite a surprise. I wished so many things through my pregnancy...the main thing was that I could have gotten pregnant under different circumstances. I did not have a supportive family and my friends are spread out all over. Although I dated the father for several years, he wanted me to terminate my pregnancy. Certainly, losing my job after being a very successful corporate employee for many years was probably the most discouraging.

    When I began reading your blog, I was so touched. Every one of your entries makes me smile. It's been so nice to see how you've grown as a mommy over the last year, and how much you've been through inspires me so much. To think your babies were still far from out of the woods last father's day, and now they are nearly walking!! It brings such tears of joy to my eyes and reminds me every day to be the best mama that I can.

    I'm still looking for work and hoping that I can provide for my little guy and be the best mom, ever. It's great to read about your trials and triumphs. You, as well as your babies, but mostly you and your strength have given me so much strength. I can barely handle one baby all day long, so two??? My goodness...You are truly a hero among moms!!

    I'm sure your little Kuylen is bouncing on your daddy's knee and they, along with your Mommom are looking down and by your side every day. I lost my grandmother exactly one year prior to conception of my beautiful baby and I have to say that I think he is a gift from her. She was my rock! I'm one of many grandchilden, and, although, she never had "favorites" I know that I held a special place in her heart all to myself.

    So, keep on being such a great mother, heather, and don't be afraid to tell anyone off that hints you may be anything other than that. I don't read other's comments, as I figure they are intended for you...but since you made reference to this ridiculous person, I just had to. You are truly an inspiration!!!