Thursday, June 24, 2010

(trying to) move on!

I am still packing, organizing, staging and cleaning here at our house for sale. Kyle and Sean have been such a help - keeping the little ones busy and out of the way of the boxes, etc. We are having an open house this weekend and I am trying my best to be ready for the excitement - and potential buyers!!!

Though it has been an awful lot of work and truly exhausting, our eye is still on the prize - a beautiful house we'll quickly make a home in which we'll watch our tiny blessings blossom and grow.

Mary Louise and David are more active than ever. Mary Louise has (uhem) gone from 14 month to 14 years in the past week with her attitude. She wants what she wants and is very VERY strong willed. David, though slightly more relaxed, is really just as determined. They both "drove" round and round the house today with their push walkers and seemed to have a grand time laughing all the way.

Kyle swears Mary Louise is beginning to formulate words- though I'm not so sure, I can't completely discount his theory either. They both answer to their names, are learning to point to their noses and mouths when asked, can clap (David did once today and seems to be catching on relatively quickly in general. They have also started to readily imitate the things we do that entertain them.

It's so exciting to see what they'll do next!! We're so proud.


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  1. Can I please come and play with them? I so badly want to!