Monday, June 14, 2010

Dear Mommom...

So much has happened in the year you've been gone...

Mary Louise and David made it home safely and have been thriving ever since. Mary Louise is nothing short of beautifully perfect. Each time I look at her, I see a bit of your angelic innocence. You would no doubt, adore them both.

I rock them all the time (though some books would argue that I'm spoiling them). I think of all of the lovely stories I'll one day get to tell them. They will know you through our many experiences with you.

I bring them to church almost every Sunday - as long as it's not during RSV season! - just like you used to bring me. They sit and they play. They "sing" with the organ. They grin and they giggle - just like we all did when we were at your feet in the pews growing up.

I make sure that I take time to read to them - even though their interest can't be held for long and they haven't really caught onto the whole reading thing yet. Our current favorite is "The Very Hungry Caterpillar". They love to stick their fingers in the holes on each page.

We go for long walks and I point out the flowers in gardens along the way. We look at bugs and I tell them what each one is (provided I know of course!). We crawl around in the grass in the oh so hot afternoon sun. Outside time and exercise is a favorite around here.

I still can't make eggs that taste as good as yours - and I'm scared to try pastries!

We talk about you all the time. We still poke fun at some of the quirky things you did and still so appreciate your alert, spry coherence to the very end. Your honest grace and exemplary tact are things that I can only hope my little ones have a hint of (Lord knows if they take after me, tact may not be on their side!)

Mom has become Mary Louise and David's Mommom. I love to watch her with them. She's absolutely amazing as she sits on the floor playing and telling me stories of her happy childhood with you. She exudes the same proud adoration I saw so many times across your face while you played with us.

I miss you Mommom - I think of you always. Thank you.


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  1. Thank You sweet, sweet amazing Blessing. "Hail, Hail, the Gang's All here!" She sang as She rocked Me while young and cradled Me with unconditional love while old. The Gang's love still flows through Us and around Us always and forever.