Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Stories of the week

Mary Louise just had an "accident". I put it in quotes because she was well aware of what she was doing but told me, with a guilty look on her face, that she "dus can't want to use da big potty right now." Nice. I told her I was aggravated. Her response? "My not yike you to be addavated. My yike you ta be happy Mommy!" Awe - sometimes her words are just wise WAY beyond her 3 years.

When I ask David if he'd like something to eat, his negative response is a quick, "no thanks" complete with a grin. It would seem, that consistency over the past 2 years or so is finally working...

Twice this week strangers have asked me, "are ALL of those kids yours?" (is there a faction of people that just go around collecting young kids that look alike just for the sake of parading them through places like the pediatrician's office and grocery?) I find this an odd and unfortunate question on so many levels.

Other comments (again, just this week):

 From a mother of twins the same age as ML and D - we've met in passing a number of times over the past 3 years: She saw Everett..."You had ANOTHER one?? POOR YOU!" (with a very sympathetic face) All I said was, "not at all."  with a really puzzled look - things like that always catch me so off guard...(for the record, I've always considered myself wealthy beyond measure...especially when it comes to family)

"You've got your hands full!" (my gosh, if I had a nickel for everytime...)

Last but not least - it's not a quote but an odd situation:
We went to the pedi with Everett on Monday. His cough was concerning and he and I are supposed to travel this weekend. We waited just over an HOUR in the waiting room and another 45 minutes in the exam room. Really?!?!

Needless to say, Mary Louise and David were just through the roof with energy and simply would not, could not be even a little contained after oooooh 20 minutes or so. I walked them around the waiting room more times than I care to count. It was a circle, with art on the walls, a fish tank shaped like a house and a movie on a television above. We walked around, and around and around. We discussed all of the colors and shapes in the art work. We counted the squares on the floor and made a game of jumping to whatever color square I called out. After awhile, Mary Louise looked behind me and waved. 2 other mothers had allowed their children to begin to follow me through the waiting area. They wanted to "play too". The mothers actually were watching - not saying a thing - and suddenly, I was teaching an impromptu class on basic counting and colors! I'm not sure I've ever seen anything like it...but supposed in that case, I should take such as a compliment?

David woke up with a 101 fever and congestion yesterday. Everett's diagnosis was simply viral sinus cold / congestion. His chest was clear, ears were great. He was cleared to travel provided his symptoms didn't worsen and I was told he sounded much worse than he was. He should not be contagious anymore...but apparently my crew was exposed to the nasties at the same time.

I was on the phone off and on all day yesterday with David's specialist. His surgery is still scheduled for next week but if this cold does not clear, it will be postponed. Anesthesia with congestion can very easily lead to pneumonia. I will bring him to his pedi on Monday to ensure clear lungs (provided he feels better) and we'll see from there. So far, today his temp has remained in normal range, but he's still quite congested - no worse though. A cold typically lasts 7 to 10 days...again, we'll see.


Mary Louise and David had swimming lessons on Monday evening. Again, David was apprehensive about joining in and didn't want to get out by himself. Now though, it may be that he just wasn't feeling well and this cold was just getting going...

Once he decides to join, he does fine and has a grand time!

Everett loves watching his big sister and brother!

and has been drooling up a storm!!

Kicking on their backs:

Teething...its coming...


Yoga moves while waiting for the "big kids" to play:

David floated by himself!

Mary Louise jumped out:

Just snacking:


and this is what sick looks like:


and in response to the ridiculousness the New York Times has chosen to post about the difficulties and "uselessness" of breast feeding lately:

If you don't know about this, don't waste your time...just take it as a pic of E in David's old onesie - one that completely cracks me up in the most childish way everytime I look at it! ha!


Sunday, July 22, 2012

Non stop Activity!

We took the kids to their very first circus last weekend! Many thanks to Nanny Zoo for registering Mary Louise and David for free tickets when they were just infants - we finally cashed in our little prize as the circus came to a town just an hour away from us.



So excited!

We watched Dumbo the day before and talked alot about the pending trip. Mary Louise and David were just thrilled!

Things went well for quite some time while there -even though the air conditioner was broken and it was a tad stuffy to say the least.

David watched the entire time - I had no idea the circus show would last over 2 hours!! But he was well entertained.

Everett, sweet boy, slept happily in his carrier - never moved an inch:

Our precious Meese...oh that child...just about did us all in...she did well through about half of the show before starting to get antsy. We had a bit of room in front of us - and of course the circus is by no means quiet - so we did everything we could to keep her happy. But she wanted lions...and monkeys...  This day goes down in history as the very first time I ever felt over indulgent as a parent. We left dragging her behind and trying to ignore or divert her wails for more animals. Once outside, it only got worse and there was literally nothing that would soothe her so we began to drive - about 20 minutes of whining, kicking, a bit of screaming and a number of tears later, she finally crashed precious heart.

The show was good - but maybe it should be a Daddy and David thing next time around...
Brent's birthday was on the 17th. The kids were so excited to choose a card and help with a surprise cookie cake (Daddy's favorite). They just couldn't wait for him to get home! (uhem - so they could "help" blow out the candles and open presents!)

As soon as the box was opened, a darling baby girl quickly stole the opportunity to swipe the icing!

Of course Daddy didn't mind...

Happy happy birthday and best wishes during the year to come!!
Brent made one of his long trips and was out of town much of the week. Wednesday swimming lessons were all up to me...can I just say it is no small task to get these kiddos dressed and ready at almost bed time? (out lessons are in the evening so that Daddy can come to as many as possible)

For the first time since we started though, David chose my solo day to pitch an all out fantastic fit about going at all!

Yep - this guy:

By the time we got there, he was sleeping in his seat. When I began to get him out, he restarted the fit as if he'd never stopped! Mary Louise was, of course, dancing around my legs singing about how much she WANTED to go swimming, Everett was fussy and David was wild!

I somehow got us into the door expecting the cool air and gym activity to calm David - and it did...until we entered the pool doors.

Please know that I had no intention on forcing him to participate - but there was only one of me, the lessons are paid for, and Mary Louise was desperate to go! I tried telling David he certainly didn't have to do anything and could simply sit with me- but he wasn't having it...until 5 minutes after the class started and he popped up as if nothing had happened and jumped right in with the rest of them...

Thanks D for my lesson in humility for the week - punching me in the face while I was balancing Everett and you at the same time was really unnecessary though. Seriously.

They both did quite well all things considered - David was so tired from his own antics that he couldn't muster up the strength to get out of the pool on his own - but otherwise, they ended up having a good time and generally, that's what matters.
This guy...

has fallen in love...

with his blankie...

(courtesy of Mere's mad knitting skills)

Nanny Zoo came for an afternoon visit this week as well:

After a good snuggle with Everett, she got down to business with Mary Louise and David...who were beyond excited to do things like this:

(of course that would be washing Nanny's hair with torn up tissue paper)

Everett was just tuckered out with all of the excitment:

The tissue paper was picked up and spread around so many times I lost count. Jolie helped to make quite possibly the very coolest "fort" ever - using the window seat and kids' table and chairs for supports. Mary Louise changed clothes no less than 3 times- just because she had to try on the new happies Nanny brought / made for her and, my goodness, did those babies have a grand time with the "washing of the hair" (among other things) pictured above! At one point, Nanny Zoo even made a make shift car wash for David's Hot Wheels to give her poor locks a little break!

(group shot attempts)


Yesterday, we met our friends the Winters family at one of the (big) local splash parks for a morning of fun.

It was a really good time and a very welcomed break from the daily rain storms.


Sadly, Everett had a very rough night last night. It is quite evident that he has some dairy intolerance issues - so I have bit adieu to cheese and ice cream indefinitely...this almost brings tears to my eyes...In addition, he has a pretty ugly cough going on....would love for it to improve overnight but have a sneaky feeling a visit to the pedi will be happening in our very VERY near future.


Saturday, July 21, 2012

Mommom and Friends

We've been busy - a great kind of busy - but oh so busy all the same! The kids got over their latest bout of sniffles just in time for a wonderful end of the week visit from Mommom. She brought the mother load of hand me downs from a friend (umm - we LOVE hand me downs here! Thank you so so much Amy!! - lots for Everett and "big girl clothes" for Mary Louise who insisted on "dus trying" them on to make sure they were a little big for her:

Mommom was also in charge of bath time - which was a very welcomed change of pace for (especially) David:

Dear Mommom - no doubt she's still got the juggling act down!

and one of the greatest perks? Brent and I got all bedazzled up a went on a date - TWICE!!

It was really a wonderful time and a much needed break for us...
Everett has officially discovered his hands:

and hearts his daddy big time:


Some great friends (from Baton Rouge) came over for an afternoon with their 3 kiddos in tow. With 2 teens and an elementary schooler to throw in the mix with our toddlers, it made for an exciting visit:

Everett got his bodily functions over with 5 minutes after they got here by pooping on Lindsey, and puking in Kory's hair - way to make company feel welcome big guy!

Who doesn't like Lincoln Logs?

and lacing beads?

and pudgy bunnies?

Poor Ned got quite the lesson in patience as David knocked down all of his log creations and stole his crayons...

But really, all of the kids did very well together - and helped (us) wrangle so much! We had some swim time in the afternoon and an all too short visit was already over. Another HUGE shout of thanks to the Hammat family for making the trip!!