Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sick and Rainy Days

We've all been under the weather for the past few days. Snotty noses, coughs, yuck in general. Even Brent wasn't able to escape this round. The weekend was rough, but we all seem to be on the upswing now. Mary Louise is still on full breathing treatment via nebulizer and David is taking them by inhaler for another day or 2 until I'm sure we're in the clear. They were able to go to their swimming lesson last night and I'm so glad they did - they did so well! (see last post with videos) A few pictures below:

Everett watching while "snacking":

It was Mary Louise's first class sans swim diaper! She has done so well with her potty "learning" and goes all by herself - washes hands, turns light on (and sometimes off), flushes, the whole nine...funny what Momma gets excited about these days right? Total "accidents" to date - 3. We are one week in and I would call her just about fully potty trained during the day. The nights? Yeah, I'm not too worried about that right now. Right now I have turned my sights just a tad and am attempting to encourage David to at least ***try to sit on the "big potty". It's currently a no go, so we'll wait. We're down to 2 in diapers which means I can wash once a day to every other day rather than 2 loads of cloth daily. Nice right?

Otherwise, we've had a number of "jammy days". With questionable health and super rain storms in our area, what better way to deal than with some snuggle time on the couch? (I wish I could say that we actually HAD snuggled on the couch beyond these pictures...alas...not the LeBlanc kid way.)

oh these guys - take 100 group pics, maybe get one:

a little blurry but sweet:

Everett has had a rough time with changing gums (no, he's not officially teething but I'm pretty sure he will around 6 or 7 months - just mouth changes - loosing those sweet newborn ridges and wearing down areas), a little reflux (I'm pretty sure it was due to the slight runny nose he caught after being around the rest of us- it's not been the norm for him at all), and some night time restlessness. During the day, he doesn't sleep for any considerable amount of time unless he's attached to me in a carrier. (May Louise and David haven't been able to fully grasp the concept of quit, calm play...who am I kidding? They don't grasp anything but full on destructive climb the walls play.) Everett is just now letting Brent hold him again after almost 2 weeks of screaming if poor Brent even looked his way. In fact, sweet boy is attached to me so much that I have started to have pouch envy for kangaroos and their built in accommodations.

***Side note: people ask all the time about my carriers. Favorites for full support: Moby wrap and Ergo. I got the Ergo for Everett as the Moby can get very hot especially this time of year. It was an absolutely fabulous investment (I got it on sale from a wholesale sight) and has well earned it's worth already. Everett is beyond happy in both styles and can get quite comfy in a sling style carrier - but that one is a bit harder for me to wear all day as I find it to lack lower back support.

Gotta run before my big stir crazy kiddos get into the laundry and cleaning products...again. (They are more than capable of opening and unlocking just about anything now...)


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