Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Toilet talk and swimming progress

Toilet talk and swimming - both involve water right?

We're potty training. I mean really, seriously potty training. Mary Louise is up first as she's been showing signs of readiness for quite some time now. Who's not been ready? Me. I needed to get to the point that I could completely commit to the reminders, the runs to the bathroom, and the furious pace that I knew it would take to have one nursing, one with continued tummy trouble (David) and one making valid attempts to earn her "big girl panties". I wanted this to be as close to a non-issue as possible - and to be a fun, positive experience. Consequently, I waited until there was no doubt that Mary Louise was ready. David? well, he just isn't - things are a bit more complicated with him - but my hope is that his interest will increase with Mary Louise and visiting friends sporting super cute character clad duffs and proudly perching on "the throne" before showing off the other perks of the job - washing hands (what kid doesn't like to play in running water??) and (gasp) having permission to play with that super exciting roll of paper AND flush some down the toilet!! WHAT!?

So Mary Louise and I went on a little shopping trip 2 days ago. We've been encouraging her for awhile to use the potty, pay attention to her body and learn when it's "time to go" and she has been doing well. BUT she couldn't get the diapers off by herself. If you've ever tried to look at disposable pull ups, aside from the expense and garbage, they are typically made in sizes MUCH bigger than my munchkin's cute little hineys so that was out. I looked into training pants, but it seemed to me that they were much like our cloth diapers without the inserts - and expensive, and they would only use them for a short period, and I still wasn't sure the legs would be tight enough for them to work properly anyhow. So, underoos and big girl panties were the plan!

Mary Louise chose hers by character of course. She doesn't really know what any of the characters are - but thinks they are pretty...Minnie Mouse - she is familiar and has a book with Minnie Mouse, Tangled themed which she calls her "princess panties", and Dora - she has 2 books with Dora in them.

I picked up some super hero underoos for David - because they were just too cute to pass up. Superman? Batman? Yes. He needed those - if nothing else, I can leave them out as incentive. We'll see how that works out...

Mary Louise officially started her day off in her new "wardrobe" yesterday. Her panties were absolutely the first thing she asked for when she woke up - "Mommy? My big girl panties all queen?" (clean) - as I'd told her they had to be washed and dried before wearing.

She chose her first pair out of the stack - Minnie - and set off of her day. I offered a "potty break" every 30 minutes and sometimes, she just went by herself. Our bathroom is set up for easy access and so that I don't have to run to help so that she can use to actual toilet. She is able to go in, and get up on her own with a stool and the little toddler seat.

Mad props to my baby girl. She did just fine. No accidents at all...except for pooping...and darnit, I'd take 3 puddles over a code brown any day...maybe not, I'd probably call it quits for that day with 3 puddles, but, you get the idea. She failed to tell me prior to her "accident" that she was afraid to poop in the potty. I can't really say I "get it" but, at least we are on the same page now...and again, no wet pants ALL DAY!! on day one!! She even asked for a bathroom break right before her swimming lesson and had no issue with me dangling her over a locker room lavatory!

Day 2 has started well...aside from our 5am wake up call courtesy of Miss Mary Louise and Mr. David Oliver. Never mind my displeasure - Everett was SUPER ticked.

But, we're here and Mary Louise is still excited about her emerging skill.

and there ends my over share for the morning...

Week 3 of swimming lessons began yesterday. These kids - just amazing. There was a rogue exercise ball on the pool deck, so I made use of it and did a few PT exercises with Everett. He loved bouncing and "flying" on his belly. His head and neck control is increasing by the day - and his legs are uncanny with muscular definition.

Mary Louise and David had a great lesson.

Mary Louise floated for about 10 seconds all by herself!! She can easily pull herself out of the pool which has a dropped water level - so it takes quite a bit of strength to get out over and over. She is also starting to relax more and organize body mechanics when swimming. She also (finally) jumped OUT from the side of the pool - this skill has been a long time coming - she has been jumping so close to the edge that it takes an extra person to put their arm behind her and shove her forward when jumping. We have been practicing jumping over toys and books on land and she finally made the connection and did it in the water yesterday!

David got out of the pool twice all by himself. He is gaining in upper body strength with each lesson. He "spaces out" easily and gets distracted, but when kept on task, he does really well following direction and seems to be relaxing a little more in the water. He no longer swallows water when his face goes under. He has calmed quite a bit when floating (as opposed to going all stiff and almost getting into the fetal position) and is focused on kicking when moving around the pool.

David is up first with Mary Louise following:


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