Monday, July 9, 2012

Week 4 of swimming

I don't know how to describe my intense pride in seeing Mary Louise and David in the pool. They work so fully. They LOVE their class and teachers. They beam with happiness each time they accomplish anything, or nothing, just sitting on the side of the pool - they are so thrilled just to be there.

They started out not even knowing how to get out of the pool. They were unable to go under water without choking. Not anymore (David is getting out of the pool - ALL BY HIMSELF!! at the beginning - Mary Louise takes her turn popping in and out just afterward):

This is David swimming - I missed Mary Louise's turn in this exercise:

David did so well getting out by himself today!! Over and over he worked and heaved himself up and onto the side of the pool. Mary Louise was ready to go at a second's notice and almost too eager to try new things or do whatever was asked of her. They both floated by themselves and kicked beautifully.

I'm (almost - ha) speechless with their progress. Tonight during bath time, I was telling David how proud I was of his wonderful performance in class. Mary Louise piped up, "tell me about my class Mommy!! Tell me about my class!" I immediately took her hand and told her how well she did too. There is nothing better than seeing those glowing smiles. Mary Louise with her warmth, and willingness to help and love. David with his independent strength and stoic determination. I've said it so many times before, but it warrants such repetition - there is no stopping those 2. They can absolutely do anything!


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