Sunday, July 22, 2012

Non stop Activity!

We took the kids to their very first circus last weekend! Many thanks to Nanny Zoo for registering Mary Louise and David for free tickets when they were just infants - we finally cashed in our little prize as the circus came to a town just an hour away from us.



So excited!

We watched Dumbo the day before and talked alot about the pending trip. Mary Louise and David were just thrilled!

Things went well for quite some time while there -even though the air conditioner was broken and it was a tad stuffy to say the least.

David watched the entire time - I had no idea the circus show would last over 2 hours!! But he was well entertained.

Everett, sweet boy, slept happily in his carrier - never moved an inch:

Our precious Meese...oh that child...just about did us all in...she did well through about half of the show before starting to get antsy. We had a bit of room in front of us - and of course the circus is by no means quiet - so we did everything we could to keep her happy. But she wanted lions...and monkeys...  This day goes down in history as the very first time I ever felt over indulgent as a parent. We left dragging her behind and trying to ignore or divert her wails for more animals. Once outside, it only got worse and there was literally nothing that would soothe her so we began to drive - about 20 minutes of whining, kicking, a bit of screaming and a number of tears later, she finally crashed precious heart.

The show was good - but maybe it should be a Daddy and David thing next time around...
Brent's birthday was on the 17th. The kids were so excited to choose a card and help with a surprise cookie cake (Daddy's favorite). They just couldn't wait for him to get home! (uhem - so they could "help" blow out the candles and open presents!)

As soon as the box was opened, a darling baby girl quickly stole the opportunity to swipe the icing!

Of course Daddy didn't mind...

Happy happy birthday and best wishes during the year to come!!
Brent made one of his long trips and was out of town much of the week. Wednesday swimming lessons were all up to me...can I just say it is no small task to get these kiddos dressed and ready at almost bed time? (out lessons are in the evening so that Daddy can come to as many as possible)

For the first time since we started though, David chose my solo day to pitch an all out fantastic fit about going at all!

Yep - this guy:

By the time we got there, he was sleeping in his seat. When I began to get him out, he restarted the fit as if he'd never stopped! Mary Louise was, of course, dancing around my legs singing about how much she WANTED to go swimming, Everett was fussy and David was wild!

I somehow got us into the door expecting the cool air and gym activity to calm David - and it did...until we entered the pool doors.

Please know that I had no intention on forcing him to participate - but there was only one of me, the lessons are paid for, and Mary Louise was desperate to go! I tried telling David he certainly didn't have to do anything and could simply sit with me- but he wasn't having it...until 5 minutes after the class started and he popped up as if nothing had happened and jumped right in with the rest of them...

Thanks D for my lesson in humility for the week - punching me in the face while I was balancing Everett and you at the same time was really unnecessary though. Seriously.

They both did quite well all things considered - David was so tired from his own antics that he couldn't muster up the strength to get out of the pool on his own - but otherwise, they ended up having a good time and generally, that's what matters.
This guy...

has fallen in love...

with his blankie...

(courtesy of Mere's mad knitting skills)

Nanny Zoo came for an afternoon visit this week as well:

After a good snuggle with Everett, she got down to business with Mary Louise and David...who were beyond excited to do things like this:

(of course that would be washing Nanny's hair with torn up tissue paper)

Everett was just tuckered out with all of the excitment:

The tissue paper was picked up and spread around so many times I lost count. Jolie helped to make quite possibly the very coolest "fort" ever - using the window seat and kids' table and chairs for supports. Mary Louise changed clothes no less than 3 times- just because she had to try on the new happies Nanny brought / made for her and, my goodness, did those babies have a grand time with the "washing of the hair" (among other things) pictured above! At one point, Nanny Zoo even made a make shift car wash for David's Hot Wheels to give her poor locks a little break!

(group shot attempts)


Yesterday, we met our friends the Winters family at one of the (big) local splash parks for a morning of fun.

It was a really good time and a very welcomed break from the daily rain storms.


Sadly, Everett had a very rough night last night. It is quite evident that he has some dairy intolerance issues - so I have bit adieu to cheese and ice cream indefinitely...this almost brings tears to my eyes...In addition, he has a pretty ugly cough going on....would love for it to improve overnight but have a sneaky feeling a visit to the pedi will be happening in our very VERY near future.


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