Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Thursday happy

(for the record, no children were (permanently) injured during the making of this clip. The wailing you hear at the end is a classic moment between Mary Louise and David in which David decided to beam a lacing bead at Mary Louise's head, Mary Louise screamed, David laughed, time out was issued, hugs, kisses and apologies given, end scene. Life.)

Mary Louise's quotes of the week:
"No Mommy, my not a baby! My a big girl! See? My have big feet, and big yegs (legs) and big hands! See? I a big girl!"

(looking at a spot on the floor) "Mommy? You need ta queen my house. See dis spot on da floor?" (dancing back and forth over said spot) "yook! my can't even walk it so dirty! Yeah. You need ta queen my house."

I might need to curtail my methodical cleaning tendencies a they are obviously affecting, in particular, Mary Louise.


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