Saturday, July 21, 2012

Mommom and Friends

We've been busy - a great kind of busy - but oh so busy all the same! The kids got over their latest bout of sniffles just in time for a wonderful end of the week visit from Mommom. She brought the mother load of hand me downs from a friend (umm - we LOVE hand me downs here! Thank you so so much Amy!! - lots for Everett and "big girl clothes" for Mary Louise who insisted on "dus trying" them on to make sure they were a little big for her:

Mommom was also in charge of bath time - which was a very welcomed change of pace for (especially) David:

Dear Mommom - no doubt she's still got the juggling act down!

and one of the greatest perks? Brent and I got all bedazzled up a went on a date - TWICE!!

It was really a wonderful time and a much needed break for us...
Everett has officially discovered his hands:

and hearts his daddy big time:


Some great friends (from Baton Rouge) came over for an afternoon with their 3 kiddos in tow. With 2 teens and an elementary schooler to throw in the mix with our toddlers, it made for an exciting visit:

Everett got his bodily functions over with 5 minutes after they got here by pooping on Lindsey, and puking in Kory's hair - way to make company feel welcome big guy!

Who doesn't like Lincoln Logs?

and lacing beads?

and pudgy bunnies?

Poor Ned got quite the lesson in patience as David knocked down all of his log creations and stole his crayons...

But really, all of the kids did very well together - and helped (us) wrangle so much! We had some swim time in the afternoon and an all too short visit was already over. Another HUGE shout of thanks to the Hammat family for making the trip!!


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