Friday, July 20, 2012

Happy Happy Special Day Precious Mary Louise!!

3 years ago today, we began our drive home from New Orleans with Mary Louise in tow. It was, in a word, surreal. She was so ridiculously tiny in her carseat at 4 pounds 8 ounces...over 3 months old...still so very tiny. We were so tired and stressed from our NICU ride we didn't even know where to begin with caring for a baby at home. We muddled through...and as it turns out, I don't think our apprehension or concerns with taking care of a newborn were very different from any new parent - they were just a little (ok, alot, an awful lot) more intense after so many close calls, midnight scares, hospital visits, isolette side prayers, infections, surgeries, transfusions, the list goes on...and you'd just never ever know today...

that this 12 inch 1 pound 6 ounce package:

would become this, stunning perfection (inside and out):

Her smile is contagious and her beautiful giggle, her NEED to have all things pink, her incessant "why" questions, her dancing, her free spirit, "chatty cathy" nature, her singing (that may or may not be slightly off key), the tender way she helps with her baby brother, her quick wit and smarty pants observations...I adore everything about this child. It is what makes her her, and that makes her perfect - because as trite as it sounds, God really does not make mistakes.

Almost ready to come home!!

A month at home:

From the many faces of Mary Louise - sept. 09

Crawling at 11 months:

First birthday - about 12 pounds:

13 months - pushing David down the driveway:

Christmas 2010:

The pumpkin patch of fall 2011:

Ever concerned - visiting Mommy and Everett in the hospital:

She challenges me when I need it most and grounds me with an "I love you too Mommy" when I feel like everything is on the verge of swinging absolutely out of control...and that control thing? yeah, my wise baby girl lets me know it's ok to let go of that a bit too...sometimes I wonder who the parent really is...

Thank you Mary Louise for your determination, your love and your presence. You teach me more and more each day and show me what's really important.

I love you. So. Much.


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