Saturday, May 28, 2011

Hard to believe...

How far we've come...

Mary Louise on her birthday:

David on his:

and how much we've endured...and how absolutely blessed, heartbroken and amazed we've been...

around their first birthday:

I don't want to miss one second of right now...

David in March 2011:
From Feb to March 2011

Mary Louise in March 2011:
From Feb to March 2011

Still wonderfully in awe and totally in love...
From Feb to March 2011


Gently used...

I visited my friendly neighborhood orthopedist again on Thursday. The EXCELLENT news?! Contrary to previous thought, my ankle is not broken! Even better than that? no more boot!!!

I finished out the week in physical therapy and am to try things out at home from here on out. I have a prescription for more therapy if necessary, but the doctor felt I could do things at my leisure as my range of motion is much better and my pain is minimal comparatively speaking. The ankle gets very stiff if I sit for too long - and is especially touchy in the mornings - but feels much better after a little movement. I've already done just under a 2 mile walk with little discomfort so I feel I'm on my way back to running - though I'm taking things rather easy so as not to have a replay of recent events. Over time, I should be able to get back to a "gently used" quality with my bum ankle...and that will just have to be good enough for me!


Accentuate the Positive!

On Wednesday, I woke early (with the babies of course). We went outside for morning play time. Always fidgeting, I started to pull weeds, ended up getting hedge trimmers out, trimmed the palms in the back, cleaned up, bathed 2 dogs, watered plants...

We came inside - very dirty - so we trumped upstairs. Mary Louise and David were bathed, then I finally got a bath myself!

Nap time...for everyone!

In between duties, I pumped...

In the afternoon, Brent came home so I ducked off to the gym for some ab and arm work. (Uhem - did I mention I did all of this with a super cumbersome, really heavy, ridiculously hot black walking boot on?? hmm?)

I came home, finished cooking dinner, helped with night bath time, and Brent and I got the wee ones to bed.

For all of the above, I deserve a theme song...even if just for the day...if I do say so myself. Suggestions??


Monday, May 23, 2011

Sing it out loud!

Mary Louise has been practicing her (arm) dancing skills lately - and is really fascinated with the beautiful blonde singer in Asteroids Galaxy Tour - I put the video for their song "Golden Age" on the computer while I was pumping - and ended up having to play it 5 times before just picking Mary Louise up and bringing her downstairs. Too funny!Ironically, Mary Louise's boogie dance is pretty much what the singer does in the video...


Parkin' in Pajamas!

Mary Louise and David have not had a fever since late last night!! They woke this morning ready and raring to go! Though in theory, they have been on antibiotics long enough to be non-contagious, we didn't want to chance passing strep along to our church family so we opted instead to have some time down at the lake...

No need for formal dress, we hopped in the car, grabbed breakfast and headed down to the playground along the water for some pajama play time!

We were there prior to 9am so the park was empty but for a few fishermen along the boardwalk. Mary Louise and David LOVED playing on the "big kid" stuff and went wild as we've been a bit couped up for a number of days. There were ducks resting along the grassy banks - ducks that didn't escape the wandering eye of a certain "Day-day" as he ran after them yelling "cack cack! cack cack!" with Mary Louise just behind him.

They also got to see a few fish flopping around as they were being plucked from the lake for the fishermen's dinner. (Mary Louise did not exactly appreciate the excitement of said fish and hugged my leg as David pointed with a grin).

All went well until David pointed at one of the (black) elderly fishermen and said (very clearly), "Dada?" We all laughed...ok - so Brent didn't think it was quite so hilarious...ok - maybe I was the only one who was so entertained. I thought it was a riot as David continued to point and said it 3 or 4 more times. The man just smiled and took it all in stride (well, I'm not entirely sure if he really caught what David was saying)...

We had a nice afternoon - almost fever free. The temps rose as bed time approached and the babies went to bed with minimal fuss.

This morning, there were 99's all round - day 4 of antibiotics for Mary Louise. All in all, they seem to be feeling better and better - though they get fatigued quite easily. This funk has surely knocked all of us down considerably...but not too far down...

I call this photo, "get outa my room, Love, Lizzie and Chester" (dang those dogs are good sports!)

***a sidenote: kennel bedding AND dogs are washed very often and are kept critter free - I promise - also, the whole playing in the kennel thing? not my idea...but as Mary Louise and David seem to enjoy it so, who am I to rain on their parade? (but as of this morning, they learned how to lock said kennel...from the inside...CPS, please understand - again, not my idea!***

Mary Louise has especially taken to "dressing up" lately. She found her dad's tool belt yesterday, stuffed a few "tools" in it, and set about tidying up the yard a bit - thank you sugar for your hard work!!
From Drop Box

I'm quite sure I've been honored with caring for, and nurturing an angel. May she spread her wings beautifully and fly into her vast potential...

And when all the work was done, Daddy was there to give the ultimate "good job" and snuggle...sweet girl may love her momma - but the sun rises and sets with this guy right here...

Happy Monday!!


Saturday, May 21, 2011

The battle ensues...

David began to run a low temperature on Thursday afternoon. Hoping for the best - but noting that gut feeling something just wasn't right, I dosed him with Motrin as his temp reached 100 F and called for a morning appointment with the pediatrician on Friday. His fever never broke and continued through the night. In the early morning hours, he began to whimper and seemed to have chills in his sleep.

We got up early and (thankfully, Fridays are usually a little more flexible for Brent) Brent watched Mary Louise while we headed to the doctor. A short assessment and throat culture later, David received his official diagnosis: Severe Strep. I opted for an injection to clear things a little quicker and talked the doctor into giving me a "just in case" script for Mary Louise...

Honestly, who am I kidding? I knew she'd get it - it was just a matter of when she would begin to show symptoms - seriously, there is not a surface, snack or sippie that gets through days at our house without being tasted, sampled or touched by BOTH Mary Louise and David.

The doctor said not to start the meds prophylactically with Mary Louise - but to wait until she had symptoms...I didn't have to wait long - she was running a temp when I got home with David.

They each had long naps yesterday, a rough night last night, and with me hobbling on this darn ankle, things are pretty rough around here this weekend...but we're hanging in there and getting to the end of the contagious phase for the babies.

David's fever FINALLY broke during his nap this morning after reaching a staggering 102.7 temporal reading this morning. Mary Louise hangs out around 101, then drops to 99, then back up and so on. Hers did drop to normal readings with the last dose of Tylenol...or Motrin - whatever we're on now...

I have begun PT for my ankle and it seems to be helping an awful lot so far. I'll find out Thursday if the ankle is actually fractured. Right now, it is diagnosed as a "severe sprain" (we obviously don't doing anything half way in this house right?!)

In the meantime, "Old blacky" and I have found some common ground and are playing nice...


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Musings and goings on...

So we've started to use "time-out" here in an effort to break up the various tiffs and assist in redirecting attention when necessary. You be the judge of our "success"...

Monday: Mary Louise bites David's hand. I put Mary Louise in time out (nose to the corner) for a count of 10. She giggles...the whole time. Afterward, I ask if she'd like to give David "a love" to say she's sorry for hurting him. She shyly walks toward David, they touch foreheads (because they still think that "love" is to receive a kiss on the forehead so that is what they offer one another - ha! David giggles and thinks the whole routine looks rather fun. He takes a turn in the corner, gives Mary Louise love, and she takes another turn. They go to play...

Monday night: When "Dada" gets home, they immediately run to the corner to demonstrate their new game...lots of giggles and loves...

Tuesday: David has a little trouble with hitting - gets put in time out twice. Still laughing...

Tuesday bath time: David and Mary Louise spontaneously erupt into a full-fledged "game" of "Time out" - for no particular reason. As they are in the shower (because they LOVE their toddler shower attachment now), I get to look at 2 very cute baby bums as they press their noses into the tile walls with glee. They even started to "count" which consisted of very loudly saying, "dada, dada, dada, adda, adda, bub, adda, hehehe".

To get their attention, I pinched Mary Louise on her back side and made a squeaky noise at the same time. She thought THIS was so funny that for the rest of shower time, she alternated sticking her duff in my face, squeaking, and putting her nose against the wall while "counting".

Wednesday: We played outside an awful lot and went on a 2.75 mile run / walk with Lizzie girl - who did NOT appreciate the distance one bit - she collapsed on the cool(er) wood floors as soon as we walked in the door. She is used to going about 2 miles with me and has done very well getting back into shape, BUT with her age and general physique, I'm thinking we've found her ideal walking distance...

During the afternoon, my, uhem, foot incident happened. The aches, pains and awkwardness of the whole walking boot thing have turned out to be no joke at all. I am certainly wondering how in the world I'll get myself back up to snuff after this one...but know that given a sliver of opportunity, I'll take it and run with it (literally). That's the plan anyhow. PT to start on Wednesday.

Thursday and Friday are a bit of a blur involving x-rays, and ortho visit and packing to attend Uncle Kyle's college graduation. Congratulations to Mommom who, as of next weekend will have 5 children who have a minimum of 1 Bachelor's degree a piece. Ultimately, if all goes to plan, she will have at least a pHd / lawyer, nurse, MD, business man, and a lawyer for kiddos. Not too shabby.

We are currently watching the flooding of the south very closely - we are from here, we live here and we have countless family and friends here...

(half of this post is from the "lost" blogger post that seems to have reappeared since the big shut down...)


Friday, May 13, 2011

Accidents happen.

On Wednesday evening, Mary Louise and David were playing, I was sitting for just a minute, Brent went to run a few errands. Mary Louise and David began to fuss over a toy, I got up quickly, not noticing the toddler Lego strategically placed (I swear) on its side. I stepped on said Lego, it rolled just fine - so did my ankle. 36 hours later, I sat at the orthopedists' office awaiting the results from my x-rays...

Possible break - but we have to wait another 2 weeks until the swelling goes down and the bone begins to heal to tell if it is in fact a break for sure...definitely a very bad sprain. The doctor kept asking how I was getting around - the answer? painfully - but with 2 / 2 year olds, movement is in fact necessary.

PT to begin next week. No running for a minimum of 6 weeks - likely longer. I am in a walking brace for at least 6 weeks- and just so you know, walking in a walking brace is a ridiculous task - if you'd like to try it, just tie and cinder block to one foot and see how far you get...then try to scale stairs...

In short, this stinks - and in the middle of summer, I'd say it's very likely to stink both literally and figuratively before too long - and on the vanity side of things, apparently it's not such an easy task to dress for a walking brace (oh don't even get me started on shoes!)

Oh - and I had a fun post written but Blogger has apparently had some significant issues over the past couple of days and my post got "lost". Looks as if I'll have to do some recreating over the next few days...poo.


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

It's on!

The fits that is...

Mary Louise and David have long mastered the art of throwing fits - that's old news - they started that mess oh about the time they were born (and possibly before...) (see NICU stories about David letting his nurses know that he didn't particularly appreciate being wet or stinky while in his isolette - even while intubated...). But lately, things have gotten wild!

David is a head banger. I'm not even close to joking. I'd love to say that he's one that just does it for show -but when he hit his head on the old claw foot tub the other day because I didn't hold him (I put him down for exactly 5 and a half seconds to use the bathroom for goodness sake!), well, let's just say that his show consists of the aftermath of forehead bruises. Sweet boy - the pedi told us to try to ignore him and put him on a carpet somewhere. He does eventually come around - and usually wants a good snuggle - but I just wish I could keep him from getting set off in the first place. (But that's the golden question of all parents with tantrum throwing head banging kiddos right?)

Mary Louise on the other hand is true to her humor. Today, while in the midst of her biggest tantrum to date, she stopped, took a breath, smiled, squeezed my nose and said, "booooonk!" then went right back to screaming like a banchee and kicking her little legs. She was simply tired - and wanted her night night baba. (I was just trying to finish up her bath).

We'll eventually find our common ground I'm sure - peppered in between the "I wants", super fits, falls, trips, and all out giggle fests.

Just going through a rough couple of days...and the icing on the cake was last night when David projectile vomited his dinner down my front, the wall and the last 7 steps on the stairs. In a situation like that, all I can do is smile, sigh, grab the Clorox wipes and think of how I'm actually pretty impressed with that little guy's Exorcist type clearance!


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Budding Artists - take 2!

Mary Louise and David have officially experienced finger painting...the experience was also shared with my hair, our cars, our house, the back porch, their slides, a few plants, Chester, and Lizzie (who moved back in with us after the house next door was robbed) - oh and finally with my good pal The Magic Eraser!

In other exciting news...we have - a pigtail!!!!

Some days, she even sports 2! And can I just say that I'm pretty sure she keeps an extra stash of sass up there - With her tummy out, and hands in dainty mode - there is no stopping this princess from strutting her stuff (and those curly cue pig tails) proudly!

David is hanging in there with his shoes - we give him lots of breaks which seems to help a bit. It doesn't matter how long he wears those things - or what we do to dress them up, he HATES them from the time they are donned to the time they are removed...I'm waiting for him to start hiding them - ha! They do seem to be helping a bit though so we'll keep at it!