Saturday, May 28, 2011

Gently used...

I visited my friendly neighborhood orthopedist again on Thursday. The EXCELLENT news?! Contrary to previous thought, my ankle is not broken! Even better than that? no more boot!!!

I finished out the week in physical therapy and am to try things out at home from here on out. I have a prescription for more therapy if necessary, but the doctor felt I could do things at my leisure as my range of motion is much better and my pain is minimal comparatively speaking. The ankle gets very stiff if I sit for too long - and is especially touchy in the mornings - but feels much better after a little movement. I've already done just under a 2 mile walk with little discomfort so I feel I'm on my way back to running - though I'm taking things rather easy so as not to have a replay of recent events. Over time, I should be able to get back to a "gently used" quality with my bum ankle...and that will just have to be good enough for me!


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