Saturday, May 21, 2011

The battle ensues...

David began to run a low temperature on Thursday afternoon. Hoping for the best - but noting that gut feeling something just wasn't right, I dosed him with Motrin as his temp reached 100 F and called for a morning appointment with the pediatrician on Friday. His fever never broke and continued through the night. In the early morning hours, he began to whimper and seemed to have chills in his sleep.

We got up early and (thankfully, Fridays are usually a little more flexible for Brent) Brent watched Mary Louise while we headed to the doctor. A short assessment and throat culture later, David received his official diagnosis: Severe Strep. I opted for an injection to clear things a little quicker and talked the doctor into giving me a "just in case" script for Mary Louise...

Honestly, who am I kidding? I knew she'd get it - it was just a matter of when she would begin to show symptoms - seriously, there is not a surface, snack or sippie that gets through days at our house without being tasted, sampled or touched by BOTH Mary Louise and David.

The doctor said not to start the meds prophylactically with Mary Louise - but to wait until she had symptoms...I didn't have to wait long - she was running a temp when I got home with David.

They each had long naps yesterday, a rough night last night, and with me hobbling on this darn ankle, things are pretty rough around here this weekend...but we're hanging in there and getting to the end of the contagious phase for the babies.

David's fever FINALLY broke during his nap this morning after reaching a staggering 102.7 temporal reading this morning. Mary Louise hangs out around 101, then drops to 99, then back up and so on. Hers did drop to normal readings with the last dose of Tylenol...or Motrin - whatever we're on now...

I have begun PT for my ankle and it seems to be helping an awful lot so far. I'll find out Thursday if the ankle is actually fractured. Right now, it is diagnosed as a "severe sprain" (we obviously don't doing anything half way in this house right?!)

In the meantime, "Old blacky" and I have found some common ground and are playing nice...


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  1. Prayers for huge healing and health all around! Love.