Saturday, May 28, 2011

Accentuate the Positive!

On Wednesday, I woke early (with the babies of course). We went outside for morning play time. Always fidgeting, I started to pull weeds, ended up getting hedge trimmers out, trimmed the palms in the back, cleaned up, bathed 2 dogs, watered plants...

We came inside - very dirty - so we trumped upstairs. Mary Louise and David were bathed, then I finally got a bath myself!

Nap time...for everyone!

In between duties, I pumped...

In the afternoon, Brent came home so I ducked off to the gym for some ab and arm work. (Uhem - did I mention I did all of this with a super cumbersome, really heavy, ridiculously hot black walking boot on?? hmm?)

I came home, finished cooking dinner, helped with night bath time, and Brent and I got the wee ones to bed.

For all of the above, I deserve a theme song...even if just for the day...if I do say so myself. Suggestions??


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