Monday, May 23, 2011

Parkin' in Pajamas!

Mary Louise and David have not had a fever since late last night!! They woke this morning ready and raring to go! Though in theory, they have been on antibiotics long enough to be non-contagious, we didn't want to chance passing strep along to our church family so we opted instead to have some time down at the lake...

No need for formal dress, we hopped in the car, grabbed breakfast and headed down to the playground along the water for some pajama play time!

We were there prior to 9am so the park was empty but for a few fishermen along the boardwalk. Mary Louise and David LOVED playing on the "big kid" stuff and went wild as we've been a bit couped up for a number of days. There were ducks resting along the grassy banks - ducks that didn't escape the wandering eye of a certain "Day-day" as he ran after them yelling "cack cack! cack cack!" with Mary Louise just behind him.

They also got to see a few fish flopping around as they were being plucked from the lake for the fishermen's dinner. (Mary Louise did not exactly appreciate the excitement of said fish and hugged my leg as David pointed with a grin).

All went well until David pointed at one of the (black) elderly fishermen and said (very clearly), "Dada?" We all laughed...ok - so Brent didn't think it was quite so hilarious...ok - maybe I was the only one who was so entertained. I thought it was a riot as David continued to point and said it 3 or 4 more times. The man just smiled and took it all in stride (well, I'm not entirely sure if he really caught what David was saying)...

We had a nice afternoon - almost fever free. The temps rose as bed time approached and the babies went to bed with minimal fuss.

This morning, there were 99's all round - day 4 of antibiotics for Mary Louise. All in all, they seem to be feeling better and better - though they get fatigued quite easily. This funk has surely knocked all of us down considerably...but not too far down...

I call this photo, "get outa my room, Love, Lizzie and Chester" (dang those dogs are good sports!)

***a sidenote: kennel bedding AND dogs are washed very often and are kept critter free - I promise - also, the whole playing in the kennel thing? not my idea...but as Mary Louise and David seem to enjoy it so, who am I to rain on their parade? (but as of this morning, they learned how to lock said kennel...from the inside...CPS, please understand - again, not my idea!***

Mary Louise has especially taken to "dressing up" lately. She found her dad's tool belt yesterday, stuffed a few "tools" in it, and set about tidying up the yard a bit - thank you sugar for your hard work!!
From Drop Box

I'm quite sure I've been honored with caring for, and nurturing an angel. May she spread her wings beautifully and fly into her vast potential...

And when all the work was done, Daddy was there to give the ultimate "good job" and snuggle...sweet girl may love her momma - but the sun rises and sets with this guy right here...

Happy Monday!!



  1. So very very sweet! Love. Love. Love.

  2. So glad to hear the kiddos are doing well! As always, it's good to hear your stories of them and their adventures at the park, in the yard, and, yes, even the kennel... LOL