Friday, May 13, 2011

Accidents happen.

On Wednesday evening, Mary Louise and David were playing, I was sitting for just a minute, Brent went to run a few errands. Mary Louise and David began to fuss over a toy, I got up quickly, not noticing the toddler Lego strategically placed (I swear) on its side. I stepped on said Lego, it rolled just fine - so did my ankle. 36 hours later, I sat at the orthopedists' office awaiting the results from my x-rays...

Possible break - but we have to wait another 2 weeks until the swelling goes down and the bone begins to heal to tell if it is in fact a break for sure...definitely a very bad sprain. The doctor kept asking how I was getting around - the answer? painfully - but with 2 / 2 year olds, movement is in fact necessary.

PT to begin next week. No running for a minimum of 6 weeks - likely longer. I am in a walking brace for at least 6 weeks- and just so you know, walking in a walking brace is a ridiculous task - if you'd like to try it, just tie and cinder block to one foot and see how far you get...then try to scale stairs...

In short, this stinks - and in the middle of summer, I'd say it's very likely to stink both literally and figuratively before too long - and on the vanity side of things, apparently it's not such an easy task to dress for a walking brace (oh don't even get me started on shoes!)

Oh - and I had a fun post written but Blogger has apparently had some significant issues over the past couple of days and my post got "lost". Looks as if I'll have to do some recreating over the next few days...poo.



  1. Sorry to read about your accident. I would say "take it easy" but I know that is impossible!

  2. I am so sorry about your ankle. I know that is painful and the boot is a pain in the neck. Praying for quick healing and hoping it is just a sprain.

  3. So sorry!! I hope it isn't broken and that you can get out of the brace as quickly as possible!