Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Budding Artists - take 2!

Mary Louise and David have officially experienced finger painting...the experience was also shared with my hair, our cars, our house, the back porch, their slides, a few plants, Chester, and Lizzie (who moved back in with us after the house next door was robbed) - oh and finally with my good pal The Magic Eraser!

In other exciting news...we have - a pigtail!!!!

Some days, she even sports 2! And can I just say that I'm pretty sure she keeps an extra stash of sass up there - With her tummy out, and hands in dainty mode - there is no stopping this princess from strutting her stuff (and those curly cue pig tails) proudly!

David is hanging in there with his shoes - we give him lots of breaks which seems to help a bit. It doesn't matter how long he wears those things - or what we do to dress them up, he HATES them from the time they are donned to the time they are removed...I'm waiting for him to start hiding them - ha! They do seem to be helping a bit though so we'll keep at it!


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