Wednesday, May 4, 2011

It's on!

The fits that is...

Mary Louise and David have long mastered the art of throwing fits - that's old news - they started that mess oh about the time they were born (and possibly before...) (see NICU stories about David letting his nurses know that he didn't particularly appreciate being wet or stinky while in his isolette - even while intubated...). But lately, things have gotten wild!

David is a head banger. I'm not even close to joking. I'd love to say that he's one that just does it for show -but when he hit his head on the old claw foot tub the other day because I didn't hold him (I put him down for exactly 5 and a half seconds to use the bathroom for goodness sake!), well, let's just say that his show consists of the aftermath of forehead bruises. Sweet boy - the pedi told us to try to ignore him and put him on a carpet somewhere. He does eventually come around - and usually wants a good snuggle - but I just wish I could keep him from getting set off in the first place. (But that's the golden question of all parents with tantrum throwing head banging kiddos right?)

Mary Louise on the other hand is true to her humor. Today, while in the midst of her biggest tantrum to date, she stopped, took a breath, smiled, squeezed my nose and said, "booooonk!" then went right back to screaming like a banchee and kicking her little legs. She was simply tired - and wanted her night night baba. (I was just trying to finish up her bath).

We'll eventually find our common ground I'm sure - peppered in between the "I wants", super fits, falls, trips, and all out giggle fests.

Just going through a rough couple of days...and the icing on the cake was last night when David projectile vomited his dinner down my front, the wall and the last 7 steps on the stairs. In a situation like that, all I can do is smile, sigh, grab the Clorox wipes and think of how I'm actually pretty impressed with that little guy's Exorcist type clearance!



  1. Heather!! Wow!!! I think I would be a hysterical, crying, sniffling basket case!! And you...take a breath, smile and grab a clorox. I think you really are wonder woman!!

  2. Have to love the terrible 2's. I always found distraction was the best was to end the tantrum. I usually took the little one outside or to another room even though I felt like screaming at them. When removed from the source of anger I was usually able to make them see reason - usually but not always. Take a movie clip to show at their 21st birthday that would be really entertaining.