Sunday, June 13, 2010

My very hungry caterpillars and a very nice weekend!

For dinner, Mary Louise and David (well mostly David - but Mary Louise ate a fair amount as well) ate: 2 servings of green beans, 2 of sweet potatoes, 1 of squash, some watermelon, quite a few whole grain goldfish crackers, a serving of peas, and bananas. I'm a little afraid of what might (uhem) come next...I cut little David off after the second helping of green beans! My goodness! At this rate, they are sure to blossom into their full "genetic height potential"! Mary Louise is just over 14 and half pounds and David is a little less than a pound smaller. They have both grown taller - but I haven't measured their heights lately so I don't know exact numbers.

Ma Mere and Pop came for a visit this weekend. We had a really nice time with them. On Friday, they gave us their blessings and stamp of approval on a house that Brent and I are just over the moon about. We came to a verbal agreement with the owner last week and hope to put things on paper at the beginning of this week. Moving will be no small task but we are just thrilled about having a home that really functions for us.

On Saturday, the proud grandparents watched the little ones while Brent and I ran a few errands and had a lovely - and very much appreciated lunch date.

This morning, we made it church - late as we had 2 little surprises when we got there and did the final diaper check - but better late than not at all right? The service was very nice, and the babies behaved as well as can be expected.

Afterward, as we gathered our things to leave (you know, the 3 toys under the pew in front of us, the puffs that flew up a few rows, the crumpled calendar and anything else we "threw" at the babies just to buy a minute or 2 more), a woman walked up to us, smiled and said,"you're Heather...and that's David." I smiled and answered yes thinking that she'd simply put faces to the names she's been asked to pray for all these months. But that wasn't why she asked...she worked with my dad for awhile. I remembered her name the instant she got the first syllable out - and the sound of her voice - the last time I saw her was at his funeral. I had a very short and heartfelt conversation with her - but of course was rather out of sorts at the time. It was wonderful albeit a bit overwhelming to see her. Moments like that make the truth undeniable. He is gone. He is not in fact on yet another business trip, he is in our hearts, on our minds, but gone. As we both fumbled through a conversation, promised to get together, and I introduced her to sweet little David, I felt him - just a little - knew he was still keeping an eye on his beloved family.

I told my mom I saw her - she said, "he's still watching over us you know." I know Mom...we are just so lucky and so loved. It's amazing...and we are eternally grateful for it all!


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