Sunday, June 6, 2010

Bath time shennanagins...

Since last week sometime, David has been bucking the bath time system - as in, his hiney must. not. touch. the water. Playing in the sink? fine. Sprinkler? oh what fun. But the bathtub? no. way. I've tried to bathe him alone, give him extra individual attention, let him play on the outside of the tub and ease him in one step at a time. I've even let him stand in the tub water for awhile. Still, sitting down is suddenly a no go.

Before this phase (which is what I really hope it is), he LOVED bath time. He would play and play, get tired eventually, but it was really a 30 minute routine in the tub that we adhered to every evening. He got a pretty bad diaper rash one day (seriously, it only takes one day and a couple of extra poops for things to go from pearly white to raw and red there). That night was the first time he wailed when I tried to put him down. I took him out and just sponged him off thinking it was the rash. But that's gone- and the attitude is still there...

I'll try bathing him earlier in the day - maybe he is just too over tired as we've had some rather busy days lately. Brent and I have been looking at houses. We've just completely outgrown this one. Also, after living in the area for 6 years, we've settled into different activities and have learned of places that would be more conducive and convenient to raising our little ones.

Anyhow, we've been quite active and the babies have been very tired at their bedtime lately. I am hoping that an earlier bath will suit David a little better. Brent and I agree that this just may be another over-stimulation issue. Though David has gotten infinitely better with handling specifically loud noises and a busy atmosphere, he still has his moments. Being exhausted, having a full tummy, and getting in the bathtub may just over load him suddenly.

I still think he may be teething though, again, nothing is showing yet...he has increased his chewing and drooling two-fold and is whiny and clingy literally all. the. time. On top of everything else, he could also be having a growth spurt.

I just really hope my sweet little guy gets his sparkling disposition back soon. I miss him - though I am admittedly enjoying the extra cuddling!



  1. they say the time before you see the teeth is the worst, as the tooth is coming through the bone. So it is always weeks later you can think back and say, oh that was the teeth. we also had a diaper rash-bath issue. I think the rash in the warm water was painful and created an association or fear. It was worked through, so hope it passes quickly for you.

  2. LOL! I just wrote a similar post about Jimmie. Maybe extraordinary micro-preemies achieve the "Terrible 2's" early.