Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tired but Feeling Better

David seems much better this morning. He has been doing well with his milk since about 4am...and even ate a few puffs. So, we're clear for now. What a night!!!

Will likely add more to this later...


Take 2:
David is still doing fine as far as his nausea...BUT he has run a fever most of the day. His top teeth are just charging through and he's been miserable to say the least. Sweet boy - he does quite well as long as he's on my hip...but then again, so does Mary Louise. Kyle, Sean and my mom have been wildly good sports about it all.

Currently, the 3 of us are completely exhausted. Between last night's shenanigans and a day full of play, lots of thunderstorms, and very little napping, we've all had just about enough. Mary Louise and David are resting quietly right now and I sure don't plan to be far behind (fulfilling the duties of diligent pumping momma right now).

We'll get a change of scene for the weekend - a trip to MaMere and Pop's tomorrow AND a visit there from our beloved Brent! I am hoping my sweet David does ok through the night and gets some much needed rest for a feel better tomorrow.


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