Friday, June 4, 2010

Say goodbye to the letter "M" and hello to toilet talk!

Funny stories of the morning...

I woke up to David giggling. He'd crawled out of his Nap Nanny (this week, Houdini has figured out how to get out of the little harness), across the room, and was standing up against my nursing chair trying to figure out how to climb on it...yep, hands are definitely full these days!

Mary Louise and David were playing with refrigerator magnets - the letter kind. David had a "D", Mary Louise appropriately had an "M". I put them by the sink to wash them as the kiddos were also munching on banana slices while playing. I filled the tea kettle and put it to boil. "Crackle, crackle"...then the smell...I pick up the kettle to find what was left of the letter M stuck to the bottom! (The magnet had apparently clung to the bottom of the kettle as I filled it - and I never noticed!)

David's new fascination...the toilet. He can just barely see into it if he pulls up on it - which means his mouth is even with the seat (that's right - you can picture it). He has been known to attempt to sling things into it in an "ally-oop" fashion as the splash makes him giggle. LOVE that little guy. In the meantime, Brent and I are working on remembering to put the cover down...

I had exactly 2 looong naps while Mommom was here - the kind in which you sleep so hard that when you wake, you're actually disoriented and wonder where you are. I feel a little more human - and was even able to freeze 4 bags of milk over her visit!! (which means I have a little extra again!) Yeah!!!


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