Monday, June 28, 2010


Well, the babies and I have been staying with Mommom for the time being while our house is on the market. We are staying scarce while things like open houses and individual viewings happen in hopes that it will make the house sell a bit easier and quicker - if nothing else, it's definitely easier to show...

The open house last weekend generated quite a bit of interest from what we understand - about 15 people actually came! We are really hopeful that something will work out soon. In the meantime, we are moving ahead with the purchase of the new house.

Mary Louise and David are busy as ever here at Mommom's! They are learning to navagate up and down a small step. They both solve the problem of "going down" rather well - using a nearby chair or a helping hand to assist them when necessary.

Today, the babies met a childhood friend of mine - Alisha. Alisha and I have known one another since 4th grade!! Mary Louise and David took to her immediately. Though I can't say I was all that surprised...Alisha has been a nanny, pre-k teacher and currently works as a 2nd grade teacher. In short, she absolutely adores children - and the feeling is mutual! We had a really nice morning / afternoon with her.

Looking forward to the rest of our visit - and to the news of the sale of our house...


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  1. I AM SO JEALOUS! It's not fair that Alisha got to play with them and I didn't. :(