Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Getting back online...

So after exactly 2 days of very small amounts of whole milk (2 to 4 ounces each once a day), my supply seems to be getting back on track. Ha. Leave it to me to have an absolute melt down at the eleventh hour. I suppose the good news is that although they don't just go wild over cow's milk, it does keep their attention long enough for me to have a decent pumping session. It is also an appropriate filler to use with my milk in an emergency.

Last night, Mary Louise and David slept a little better. This morning, however, there was bad weather brewing. So, in addition to his new wildly fussy attitude, David was more clingy than I have ever seen him. He would go into an utter panic if I even made a gesture to put him down to play. He was in my lap if I was on the floor, and I was to hold him if I stood. Sweet boy, I can't say I minded the holding part...I just wish I knew (for sure) what was really bothering him. (I think he's teething though I can't actually feel any teeth pushing through yet.)

This afternoon, Mommom came for a visit - and to help me while Brent spends the night away for business. Always good to see her - always means I get a little more rest which at this time is so so needed.

In answer to a question I've gotten alot lately...I do have "The Baby Whisperer" book. I have looked through it - especially the sections on sleeping. As I've mentioned, Mary Louise and David, though I do agree that at times they use the bottle as a pacifier, are hungry. In the past 2 nights, they have cut their night intake in half. They've done this before though - only to go back up when they have another growth spurt. But, if they maintain their current intake or reduce it further, we may be able one giant step closer to the end of night feedings.

We do feed them on demand - which I realize many many people disagree with. My thought process (if you're wondering)... If I were breastfeeding (actual breastfeeding), they would in fact be fed on demand - just as any other breastfed baby. The vehicle of transport is the only difference. Also, if they were supposed to be fed on time blocks, wouldn't I spontaneously produce the amount they need - or somewhere close - on time blocks? Honestly, it comes out pretty much the same - I pump every so often - usually every 3 or 4 hours - and really they've ended up eating major meals every 4 hours. However, if they are obviously hungry in between, they eat then too. The more calories for their tiny ball of energy bodies, the better. Whatever we've done, they look healthy - and all of our physicians and therapists have been happy with their progress - which makes me (and dear Brent) very happy. They consistently cluster feed at night until their little bellies poke out and make them look like little Buddhas. But whatever they take in is metabolized about 5 to 6 hours later - necessitating the extra feeds.

Anyhow, as I've said before, slow progress is being made in our plight to get a full night's rest. In the meantime, Mary Louise is 14 pounds 6 ounces and David is 13 pounds 4 ounces as of the beginning of this week!! Yeah!!


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  1. heather, I stoped pumping almost a month ago. (15 months with that dang pump!) Jimmie is drinking goats milk and is doing very well with it. I did not relize what a drain the pumping was on me. I can't belive you are still at it. What ever may happen just know you have done an awesome job.
    Rachael and Jimmie