Monday, May 31, 2010

Variety is...

Whatever it is, it seems a necessary part of our lives here lately. I have found that switching back and forth between whole grain cereals with probiotics is the the current key to keeping Mary Louise and David's digestion on track.

Between teething, digestion, and Heaven knows what else, the 4 of us have gotten very little sleep lately. It sounds good in theory that they are at a weight to be sustained and calm "through the night", that they are getting older and can "cry a little more", that they should "self-soothe" more effectively...and that over a year of not sleeping would be enough time to "get on a schedule". Unfortunately, that simply has not been the case. They make regular progress in all areas. They are far from keeping us up as they did in the beginning when we were feeding them every. 2. hours during their first 6 months (yes. 6 months). But, they are also far from acting (in this area) as "regular 1 year olds". Their growth is still that of an infant. They gain an average of 1 pound per month - this is incredibly fast compared to their full term counter parts. Their appetites are simply amazing - and increasing.

Today has been particularly rough for me. Mary Louise and David have been ravenous the past few days- but not for solids mind you, and this morning's climate was nothing short of frantic. I started pumping every 2 to 3 hours again during the day in an attempt to keep up with their demand. But the fact is, I was barely keeping up before this latest influx. So, this morning, as we were all sitting here at the end of our ropes, I gave in and allowed them to try some whole milk. I was nothing short of hysterical about this decision. I realize how ridiculous that sounds to some...but to me, this is the one thing I have, by the hardest, been able to do for them. Obviously, my reservations were centered a bit more in my own inadequacies than in their health or hunger...

They seem ok with the whole milk really. Of course I am continuing with pumping - I have been able to maintain them on about 20+ ounces each per day. They are also making progress with solids. Tofu has been a success. They've also tried (or played with really) some steamed broccoli and veggie pasta pieces. So, things are constantly changing in the diet arena.

When I gave Mary Louise her whole milk, she took a swallow, made a mildly concerned face, grinned really big while looking up at me, then stuck her finger through the nipple shoving it into the bottle thereby spilling the milk all over. I have to say, it was a little funny - and a much needed comedic break after our (or my) neurotic and stress filled morning trying to pump every. last. drop. I had available with 2 fussing babies climbing my legs.

Mary Louise's milk snafu was after David's complete fumble...I was making his bottle. He was throwing a fit. I was holding him. My last 3 ounces of breast milk was slapped into a brand new container of brown rice cereal. My heart sank. The whole milk saga ensued.

If variety really is the spice of life, I am hopeful for a bland day tomorrow. We've had enough spice here to last at least 2 days I think.



  1. I totally understand your every last drop frustration. I really hope tomorrow will be a better day. Too bad we don't live close and we could rant and rave together....

  2. Be PROUD of what you have accomplished in feeding 2 babies. When you have done all you can do, just give them the milk. Remember the goal is to get them fed, because in just a few hours they are ready to chow down again! I always had to supplement formula after nursing my twins. Mary Louise with her tricks and David with his actions are going to keep you hopping when they reach the twos! Trudy 2+twins

  3. Mary Louise and David, little miracle blessings, radiantly display the greatest of loving care. Your perfect love shines through them. They are on their way with the best beginning you could possibly give. Follow your heart allowing loving flexible changes that are best for all. xxxooo

  4. You are doing awesome for getting so far with the pumping! I was ready to quite at a year, and I was drying up too. I was so stressed about it, and my baby has done just fine on whole milk. Looks like Mary Louise is burning some serious calories pushing David around in the wagon. That video is so cute. Mine loves to ride her walker wagon too, or stand in it. Anything to drive the parents crazy!

  5. I meant to add on the sleeping thing, have you tried baby whisperer? I checked the book out at my library, I liked the tips in there and they seemed to work for us. I would say that we got a full night (12 straight hours) with absolutely no waking about 50% of the time and that was at 1 year (9 months adjusted), the other nights vary from crying enough to wake me but ends before I get up all the way up to I was up for 2 hours for who knows why. If they are hungry, then they are hungry though, and that will wake them up! And with 2, well it must be tough. I also know we never get a full night with the baby in our room, she must be in her dark quiet room.