Friday, May 7, 2010

Another PT Friday

Mary Louise and David are just coasting along in their monthly PT sessions. For the first time, Mary Louise MET ALL OF HER GOALS!!!! David did very well too - is making wonderful progress with crawling, though he'd still much rather just move to the closest piece of furniture and pull up to a stand.

So, with Mary Louise, we are to continue on with encouraging her to walk. She has definitely mastered crawling and pulling up. She is very stable when walking behind her push walker now as well. She has just started to let go of things and test out walking while holding on with one hand - so not long now...

David is still begrudgingly crawling. He does it when absolutely necessary - but at least he doesn't just lie on his back and fuss now. He has gained muscle tone and tissue in his chest and shoulders and is beginning to do so in his legs. He works very very hard at everything he does so I know it will not be too much longer before he is neck and neck with the wild Mary Louise.

A quick update - but the babies are outside with Dad and we're having a bit of family time - post pump break. Hope everyone has a good weekend!


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  1. Wonderful progress!!! Happy Mother's Day to the Best Mommy in the Whole Wide World! xxxooo