Saturday, May 1, 2010

Babies and Blueberries

Mary Louise and David had a wonderful time with fresh blueberries yesterday! It was rather gloomy weather here and somehow rather gloomy weather is MUCH better tolerated outside than inside. So, out we went (under the carport anyhow). I filled their strainers with blueberries and my little munchers took off in their walkers nibbling all the way.

They had a small first as they were wearing shoes! Soft leather booties to be exact. The booties have been stored away for months as Ma Mere sent them during the winter. I must say, LL Bean baby models must be mammoth! These are 0 to 6 month size and Mary Louise and David still have quite a bit of room to grow. Well, I suppose I should keep things in perspective, in truth, I'm really unable to readily picture a "normal" 1 year old...Anyhow, David has stubbed both of his poor big toes in his zeal to zoom in his walker so the leather booties - very cute- alleviated that issue.

So, they had a grand time eating almost an entire pint of blueberries - along with half of an avocado, a serving of whole yogurt, a serving of pear puree' with flaxseed oil, a few tblsp of oatmeal - oh and their regular 20 ounces of breastmilk. For dinner, they had sweet potatoes and the rest of the avocado. Mary Louise is doing better all the time. She is up to about a quarter of a serving of yogurt, still loves any fruit or veggie fresh and raw, and she is definitely queen of the sweet potato.

After showing themselves in blueberry juice, they went into their baby pool for a bit of nakey fun before bath time.

It was a great and gloomy afternoon!!



Oh - and P.S. Mary Louise's FIRST tooth seems to be coming in just fine...her SECOND one is too! (that would explain her late night wild woman antics right?)


  1. You just wait until you see their poopy diapers, HA!

  2. Sounds like they are doing great eating solids! AWESOME!!