Saturday, May 22, 2010

Marching on...

Mary Louise met with her Occupational Therapist on Friday morning. After seeing her wonderful progress, the therapist basically said, "so my work is done here"...ha! I am waiting to hear from our case worker about what happens next but it's very likely that Mary Louise will no longer have that monthly appointment. I'll miss the chat time with her therapist - super wonderful person!- but I can't say that I'll miss the extra check-in or check-up! (and the therapist is well aware that she's welcome to visit!)

This morning was the local March of Dimes. We went, just as we did last year...but last year I had just officially left the hospital a few days before, was in between bouts of mastitis and had quickly developed the habit of white knuckling my cell phone at all times as if my life depended on it (and to me, it did)...

This year, we were able to bring our little ones, and keep Kuylen's special memory in our hearts as we strolled the 3 miles down the lakefront. Of course it was hot, but a nice breeze came off the water and Brent and I just got to walk and chat as Mary Louise and David sort of dozed between "visits" from other walkers who would peak at them every so often. It was really nice - a little difficult - but I tried my best to remain present.

Afterward, we went to a little local plate lunch sort of place for a nice breakfast. Brent and I sat outside, a baby on each of our laps, and talked and laughed and just enjoyed one another. Mary Louise and David helped themselves to more than a few puffs we strategically placed around the table and grinned at the sweet people who stopped for a look. "they're perfect!" one said..."We think so," I beamed. Our sweet babies. Other people really seem just as enamored by them as we are sometimes!

When we returned home, I made a chicken salad and tomato basil soup from scratch and with all fresh ingredients (yumm!). Mary Louise and David tried tofu for the first time...and liked it! We played on the floor for hours while Brent cut the grass, then came in for bath time.

As we each rocked a little one to sleep...for the 3rd time after they got restless...we smiled at one another over sweet smelling velvet soft heads...lucky lucky lucky.



  1. Awww, little miracle blessings--so sweet. How overwhelmingly grateful we are for their presence in all our lives. xxxooo

  2. Absolutely worth every hurdle & painful step to get this far & have those beautiful babies. Absolutely.