Saturday, May 15, 2010


Always the most important thing to me. So, when the opportunity arose to pop in on Brent's grandparents (Mimi and Grandaddy), we jumped at it...

We made the short trek (about an hour) to Metairie yesterday for a visit with Mimi, Grandaddy, Ma Mere, Pop, and Auntie Zoo. It was a really wonderful afternoon. Of course Mary Louise was quite timid most of the time, but she did eventually fall asleep on sweet Ma Mere's chest while swinging on the porch swing in the humid breeze.

The babies did very well on the trip over. It seems they are happy as can be for about an hour - it gets a little hectic from there, but it's still doable. When we pulled up at the house, Mary Louise had - umm- quite a surprise for me- and everyone else. In fact, she had enough surprise on her, her clothes, her carseat and in her diaper to make the whole block say, "whoa, ooo, and eww". So, I barely said, "hello," and asked for a towel and warm bath. Mimi, who had 6 children, smiled and directed me to her tub, fought through the smell and kissed Mary Louise on the forehead. Off we went to get fresh as flowers and rejoin the group.

In the meantime, Brent (who met us there on his way to Mommom's) scooped David up and spent a little undivided time with his boy. David, ever the crowd pleaser lapped up the attention and seemed to really enjoy himself in his sister and momma's absence.

We talked, took photos, rocked babies, and caught up on the happenings over the past few months.

Family times always make the best, funniest and most heart-warming memories...even when poop is involved.


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