Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I packed up after church on Mother's Day and headed to Mommom's house. We knew the babies and I were making the trip this week and thought it best if Brent were home to help pack and see us off...

The trip went about as well as could be expected. It definitely wasn't easy, but it was far from miserable so I really can't complain. I stopped 3 times. The babies made dirty diaper deposits at 3 gas stations (phew!). A clean diaper, a few puffs and a fresh bottle did the trick every time. In short, my little darlings are growing up and are able to tolerate a little more each day as far as riding in car seats and strollers.

So far, our stay here has been wonderful. We of course miss Brent terribly, but are enjoying the change of scene, miles of tile flooring to fly around in walkers, and extra special attention that only Mommom and Uncle Smee (Kyle) can give.

David is crawling like crazy. Apparently, the new place sparked his interest and he felt his dear old momma was too slow for his liking. So, he grinned, and he crawled, and crawled and crawled as soon as I put him down when we walked in the door.

Mary Louise seems to be having a wonderful time as well. Mommom puts a grin on her face like no other. She has had a bit of digestive trouble since we've arrived though - but we're working on it. She had gotten better at home, but the trip must have upset her rhythm. Hopefully, she be - uhem- cleared out tomorrow and all will be well.

Goodnight to all and big hugs and kisses to our proud papa Brent.


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