Monday, May 17, 2010

(Avoiding) Hazardous conditions...

And we're back in the LC as of yesterday afternoon. Mary Louise and David have settled in nicely - ate twice their usual share of purees last night and have done very well this morning. My how things can change in a week with these 2!! I think an overview of systems is in order with all of the recent developments...

Respiratory: The babies have done so well. Even with the travel and change in routine, they have not had the least bit of a sniffle nor sneeze. They met their cousin Alex for the first time over the weekend and had a wonderful time playing with a peer! (Alex is 6 months old) Though we are out and about much much more than we were during the winter, we are still quite guarded about Mary Louise and David's person to person contact. Hand hygiene rules still apply as do the "well people are welcome" rules. We are really enjoying the temporary freedom of exploring the outside world. Until flu season begins again...

Cardiovascular: Mary Louise still has a coronary artery fistula. She is asymptomatic as of yet though and we are very hopeful that she will remain that way and this issue will resolve without intervention. Otherwise, they are doing very well. Micro preemies are (in general) at an increased risk for childhood hypertension and cardiovascular disorders, so we are also quite vigilant in controlling the contributing factors that we can - i.e. diet - low or no sodium whenever possible, no meat (for now) lots of fruits and veggies, legumes, and coming soon - tofu, egg yolks about 3 times a week and of course breast milk as long as I can...

Diet / GI: other than what is covered above, I have very recently realized just how fluid their diet is - or needs to be. Things we did a month ago, cannot be done now, etc. Basically, anything that goes into their mouths really needs to be in a strainer. They can now bite but not really chew. They are working on actual morsels of food - but as of yet, can only consistently handle coarsely mashed bananas and avocados without choking. They are loving their yogurt, eating on the go, and loving the autonomy to choose what they do and don't like themselves- I give them choices of puree or finger foods that melt (yogurt melts or puffs) and they choose what they like. They prefer to do things on their own - and on the run. They tried watermelon for the first time this past weekend and LOVED it!! It has quickly become a summer / warm weather treat for our outside time (by quickly, I mean - in the past 2 days - ha). Mary Louise is continuing to make really good progress with her eating. I would venture to say that although she doesn't eat quite as much as David as far as solids go, she is in fact "normal" for her age. She also has a pretty significant-albeit intermittent- problem with constipation so I can't really blame her for seeking out more breast milk and less solids.

Motor skills: hazardous conditions indeed! A little over a month ago, Mary Louise could sit unassisted for close to a minute, David, for less than 30 seconds...take that in for a, David crawled over to a side table, pulled up, stood on his very tippee toes, and proceeded to grab at a stack of coasters, and fling each one over his shoulder in a frisbee fashion. All of this in the time it took me to change Mary Louise's diaper. He also tried to climb the netting up the back of his cocoon swing during "nap time" and has suddenly become fixated with digging in potted plants (which I quickly moved) outside under the carport. He and Mary Louise can both sweep the front of the fridge (magnets) from their walkers. Mary Louise has begun to stand in her walker when she is ready to get short, I have my hands FULL. They are WILD, they are strong, and they are determined.

So, adjustments are being made all the time. Further baby proofing is constantly underway. And, we are just so tickled that they are doing so well.



  1. Fantastic that they are so amazingly mobile and super strong! Watch out for amazingly mobile and super strong adults chasing after them trying to keep up! xxxooo

  2. Wow, David has changed so much in just over a month! That's wonderful - and you'll sure have your hands full now!