Thursday, May 13, 2010

Successful so far...

This trip has definitely been a success so far. It's not been without bumps mind you, but the bumps have been small and manageable - even though I'm going it without Brent...Mommom and Uncle Kyle have stepped up and gone above and beyond to help me out and make sure I can get pump time, shower time, walk time, and even a little me time.

Today I got to get a hair trim and do some shopping. Of course I neurotically checked in every hour (I was gone for about 3 and a half) to make sure everything was a-ok. Of course I wouldn't leave until I was sure Mary Louise was ok - after she finally pooped her body weight this morning with a little specially recommended pharmaceutical help (I'm pretty sure the travel and change in routine just put her already so delicate little system into a frenzy). But the point is, I did get out, and I did have a nice time.

When I got home, the babies were (of course) just fine - playing playing playing - all bathed and smelling so sweet. Uncle Kyle did very well at playing babysitter mostly to David while Mommom napped a little with the finally comfortable Mary Louise. Kyle even fed David his dinner - but stopped short of the (from what I'm told) enormous dirty diaper - as umm- that's just not his thing.

So success in our venture out and about has been achieved. This means we might just do it again sometime!

We have a busy day tomorrow as we are traveling a short hour to Ma Mere's parents' house. It'll be so good to visit with Mimi and Grandaddy!


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