Monday, April 4, 2011

Our Budding Artists

Mary Louise and David are officially in love - with 2 things...seaweed salad (a fairly odd eaters' post is on the brink) and coloring!

Apparently, when colors are concerned, nothing is off limits and absolutely EVERYTHING just NEEDS that little touch of "something" only Mary Louise and David can provide...

Looking for his next canvas:

The manlift it is! (I mentioned we're having the house painted right?? - wildness going on around here!)

Mary Louise was too busy with her ENORMOUS project to bother looking at Mommy!

A closeup of sweet lady ML's work (this would be the side of our house - at least it was PRIOR to the painting - and at any rate, the chalk washes off very easily - it's those darn permanent markers they keep finding that can be a bit stubborn!):


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  1. My sweet artists with the world as their canvas!