Thursday, March 31, 2011

The little Monkeys

I know I've said it about 100 times before, but Mary Louise and David are absolutely some of the most determined and avid climbers I've ever seen. They have uncanny flexibility and upper body strength - and boy, do they every use both!

The First Toddle play mat / gym has come in quite handy - especially on dreary or cold days when we just can't play outside. It has grown with them and I've changed the form a number of times to keep things interesting for the babies.

Today, while I was doing my mid day pump, they busied themselves...David was the spectator most of the time - as was I when I realized just what the little Miss was up to...



  1. OMG! gymnast of the future using the parralelle bars before she is two. So very very cute

  2. Fantastic! Putting it in the 1911 format is perfect although I do like the "uh-oh's."