Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Our weekend project:

That's right!! MaMere and Pop's Christmas present came in last week! (The first one we'd picked was on back order forever, then discontinued, so after milling around for awhile, this one was chosen...I'm pretty sure the g'parents hit a big fat home run with it too!!)


About to crawl in the tube!

Fun all 'round!

Please excuse the quality of these photos and video - they were all taken with my phone. We have had a motherload of issues with our wireless and I am having some problems purging my camera. That and time constraints have left things uploading at less than a snail's pace around here!

Brent's first week doing his new job is going really well so far. He is setting up and servicing the Louisiana territory for his company. I was able to clear out "the office" here at the house with Uncle Kyle's babysitting help this past weekend. So, Brent set up his desk and is getting all of this paperwork, computer and scanner system and contact information organized and ready to launch! Today was his first day "on the road" and as of a few minutes ago, things are going well.


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